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Deciding Between a DJ & DIY Music

I feel like this topic didn’t used to be as much of an option as it is now. We are so lucky to have so many amazing music options at our finger tips. Now more than ever, we can DIY our music (and save tons of money doing it)! But is it worth it?!

I’ll be honest this was a topic that my fiancé and I struggled with as well! The only reason we ended up hiring a DJ was because a family friend of ours offered to pay for our DJ as a wedding gift. Of course we wanted a DJ from the start but we couldn’t justify the cost. Now that we have a DJ, I am so glad we have him and his team! We have struggled to even come up with a handful of songs that we want played let alone 5.5 hours worth of music. Organizing a wedding is hard enough without having to figure out who is going to announce speeches, provide speakers and mics, and more.

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Pros of a DJ:

  • You don’t have to worry about having an emcee!
  • You don’t have to worry about picking all your music (I am having a hard enough time deciding on 15 songs I want played let alone enough for 5.5 hours)
  • Saves you time! Imagine how much time you have to spend sorting, downloading, saving, etc. music
  • You don’t need to buy or rent your own equipment (lighting, speakers, microphone)
  • They help your day run smoothly by making announcements and helping the execution of your wedding day
  • They help to keep the crowd excited and involved
  • Peace of mind!

Cons of DJ:

  • They can be expensive
  • If you don’t choose the right one, they may play music that you don’t like or they may be pushy for guests to get up and dance
  • If guests don’t dance, it could feel like a waste of money

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Pros of Spotify/DIY Music:

  • It’s free or cheap (tip: sign up for a free 30-day trial of premium for your wedding day so you don’t have to pay for it and you won’t have ads playing in between songs)
  • You get to choose all of your music
  • You can give someone the honor of being your emcee

Cons of Spotify/DIY Music: 

  • You have to have someone at your wedding be your emcee and manage all your music
  • You have to spend a lot of time choosing all music
  • You need to make sure you have enough music to keep guests entertained for the length of the event
  • Your emcee may not be professional and could therefore make things awkward, run late, or become unorganized (not Spotify’s program but an issue with not having a professional and present DJ to help)
  • You’ll need to purchase or rent lighting, speakers, and microphones and have someone set them all up ahead of time


I hope this helped you to better understand which way you’re leaning towards in terms of music for your wedding day. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at Mary Taylor Weddings and join us for shopping fun and deals at Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals & Finds

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What is DIY Bridal Academy?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have heard me mention DIY Bridal Academy before. I want to dive deeper into what is, who it’s for, and how you can sign up. Michelle, founder of DIY Bridal Academy, and I have been working for months (and months, and months) to come up with a program to help brides to turn their checklist into action steps. There’s nothing more daunting then getting a list of a hundred things to do and not knowing how to get through those checklist items. We know that some brides want or need a little guidance through their bridal journey. You may or may not also want a full time wedding planner but either way, DIY Bridal Academy is designed to help every bride! Let’s break down those hundred to-dos and figure out when and how to accomplish them.

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So, what is it?! DIY Bridal Academy is a step-by-step wedding planning program designed by wedding planners, professionals, and brides. It is designed to help brides to stay organized and feel supported through live Q&A’s, resources, and help from wedding professionals. There are also videos to help walk you through the hardest to-do list items and give you clarity throughout your process. You’ll join other brides from around the world who are also passionate about creating their dream day. You’ll also get to participate in fun, interactive group calls! 

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Who is it for?! DIY Bridal Academy is really for any bride that feels like they could use some help. This group and program really works well for the bride that WANTS to plan their wedding, knows what they want, doesn’t mind making the calls and doing the vendor comparison. She doesn’t need a full wedding planning package, but wants help along the way instead of just a day of coordinator. As a current bride, I have relied heavily on research, reading, and other brides experiences to help me plan my day. It was very time consuming to have to research everything myself which is why I want to help reduce that time for other brides. Think about it, we are all planning essentially the same event (yes, different traditions, different vendors, and different styles but a lot of the information is actually similar)!

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How can I learn more and sign up?! Are you thinking, “why haven’t I already signed up?! This sounds just like what I need!” You can learn more and sign up by going to Michelle’s website www.diybridalacademy.com. You can learn even more by joining us in our DIY Bridal Academy FREE Online Facebook Event on August 12th. To join, click here.

If you’re a vendor and would like to learn more about how you can involved, please join us on August 5th for a free online Facebook event. To join, click here. If you cannot make it for some reason but you’re still interested, please contact me at MaryTaylorWeddings@gmail.com.

We can’t wait to see you there! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and join Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals and our free wedding planning group Weddings, Wine & DIY.

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Wedding Registries… Where do I Begin?!

You’d think that creating a wedding registry was one of the most fun parts of wedding planning- I mean you get to add a bunch of gifts that you want to a website where OTHER people buy them for you! Haha. 

For me, it was actually one of the more stressful processes because we have guests from over five different countries coming to our wedding. That means five different currencies and no common stores. Originally, I had just put ideas for cash gifts. We didn’t want to just ask for cash (although we all know that it’s probably the easiest and most wanted gift). I honestly changed our registry page so many times! From suggested cash amounts with an activity, to just a list of activities/items that we would purchase with the cash, to finally seeing the best solution I could find! Trust me, I did a TON of research. I even signed up for several registries that I explored and decided didn’t work for us. Until, I found MyRegistry.com. They had a plug-in that worked on websites across the world so it was super easy to add ANY item to our registry. Not just items that they approve of or that they sell. This made it easy for our guests to purchase e-gift cards in the currency we use and to stores that we actually have in New Zealand. 

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This was the solution that I had been looking for the whole time! They even let you create several different registries so I have one for my bridal shower and one for our wedding.

Whether you go with MyRegistry.com or not, here’s a few ideas of what to include on your registry.

Your bridal shower gifts should be smaller items such as kitchen items (stand mixer, instant pot, cheese board, blender, etc), robes, lingerie, frames, small decor, makeup bag, cozy throw blankets, jewelry or jewelry organizer, placemats, champagne glasses, sheets, and more.  

Your wedding gifts should be gifts that match or be close to the price of per plate (that’s my opinion at least).  However, you should have a range of price points. Remember that some guests are coming as a couple so a few high ticket items are always a good idea. Some people would prefer to get you two small gifts instead of one large gift. Also, some people may not be able to afford their price per plate in terms of a gift. Give your guests options so they’re excited to give you a gift. We asked for a couple of excursions and food gift cards for our honeymoon! This is a great way to get something you want and allow your guests to be apart of your honeymoon experience! You can even tell them where you are going and let them choose any restaurant they think you would like to try! We also asked for a gift certificate for a couple’s massage. 

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Click the items above to see some items I suggest from Amazon! Amazon even has their own registry as well – click here to check that out.

Go comment on the Facebook post with this blog link and let me know your favorite item on your gift registry. If you haven’t created one yet, definitely give MyRegistry.com a try!


Signing off,

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Join MyRegistry and recommend to friends by copying this link: http://shrsl.com/1p20q

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Bouquet & Garter Toss: Pros, Cons, & Alternatives

I did a poll in Weddings, Wine & DIY to see what my next blog topic should be (because let’s be honest, I could write about a million things when it comes to planning a wedding)! You guys chose bouquet and garter toss!

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First, let’s talk about where the garter toss originated from. If you don’t know this already, definitely keep reading because it’s really interesting (and weird AF). Tossing the garter is an old time tradition. Brides and grooms used to have show proof that they had consummated their marriage. Friends and family members would join the couple in their room to witness this and would then need to leave the room with the “proof” aka the garter. Yup, you read that correctly! And, it gets better (or should I say worse). Having items of clothing from the bride and groom was considered lucky so while the couple was consummating their marriage, the eager onlookers would try to grab their clothing for good luck. Often times the bride (nor the groom) liked people trying to grab at them (shocker) which is why the tradition changed to tossing the garter so no one else would need to obtain it themselves. It’s said that in other cultures, people race/compete for the garter instead.

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Now that you know the history, here’s some pros, cons, and other ideas!

  1. The biggest pro is that it’s tradition (well in some sense at least). If you still want to have a garter or bouquet toss, no problem! I’d first recommend having an extra of each so that you can keep your actual bouquet and garter for your own memories.
  2. The biggest con is that it can make single people feel left out (especially if most of the people at your wedding will be married). To keep with the idea of tradition but not make anyone feel bad, you could hand your bouquet to the couple that has been together the longest.
  3. Another con to the garter toss (and garter removal) is that it’s just awkward. No offense but no one REALLY wants to see your man under your dress grabbing at your lingerie with his teeth – especially your parents and grandparents. While it can be funny, it also makes several people uncomfortable. With that said, you do you.
  4. Another way to go about it is to still have a garter but just have your husband remove it in the privacy of your own room after the wedding. If you still wanted to do the toss with it, have him remove it privately in another room and then come back to the reception to toss it.

So, what can you do instead to fill the time?

  1. An anniversary dance for your parents and grandparents
  2. Shoe game
  3. If you still want to do the bouquet toss or hand out your bouquet but want to skip the garter toss, toss something else (like a football, stuffed animal, etc). You could also pretend to go down to get the garter but pull something else out (large granny panties, a doll, something else funny, etc).
  4. Girls only and guys only choreographed dances with your bridesmaids and groomsmen
  5. Split the bouquet (or have another one made to split) to give a part of it to each of the important women in your life. Some people also make a breakaway bouquet to toss.
  6. Dance with your grandparents
  7. The kissing game
  8. Just skip it and don’t replace it with anything else – there are so many people to talk to and songs to be danced to. There is no need to get caught up in a ton of “extras” if you don’t want


I hope this helped you to think about the pros and cons of all the options! Remember, this is YOUR wedding day so make sure to do what feels best for you and your partner. 

Want to learn more about wedding planning and find great deals? Don’t forget to like me on Facebook and join me in my group for wedding shopping fun and great deals!

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Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals

This week I launched Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals! As a bride myself, I know how expensive (and time consuming) it is to plan a wedding. I also know how valuable the opinions and experiences of other brides are. Because I am currently planning, I am also coming across new deals all the time. Instead of constantly updating my past blog posts about current deals, I created a place that not only I can share the deals that I come across but you can also share the products that you have purchased and love! 

It’s all about creating a community of brides that love shopping, love to get ideas from other brides, and love to share their own wedding day purchases. Don’t you sometimes just want to share your amazing deals you’ve found but can’t because your guests will see? This is the perfect place to save money, have fun, and meet other brides <3

I will even help you find what you’re looking for! So, what’s something that you’re unsure about or want help looking for? 

Find me on Facebook at https://www.Facebook.com/groups/marytaylorweddingdeals/ and don’t forget to like me on Facebook at https://www.Facebook.com/marytaylorweddingplanning

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Tips For The Bride

Do you ever see ideas that you think, “I wish I would have thought about that before!” I’ve gathered a list of tips from actual brides who have already said “I do.” These will help you to prepare for the best day of your life!

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💍Don’t wear a bra or anything tight the morning of your wedding day so you don’t have marks/lines on your skin

💍Tell your HMUA you need to be done at least a half hour before you actually do, as many will run late (this depends on the artist but I have personally heard so many “horror” stories)

💍Hydrate the night before your wedding

💍Pack snacks in your bridal bag so you never get hungry – Don’t forget to eat throughout the day

💍Wear a shirt that buttons or zips while getting your hair and make up done – something you don’t have to pull over your head

💍Make sure you don’t have a hair tie around your wrist

💍Number all your invites/rsvp so that if guests forget to include their name, you have a record of who sent back their rsvp

💍To pee: straddle the toilet, buy a bridal buddy, or get a SheWee

💍Don’t forget to try sitting in your wedding dress before you have the alterations completed

💍Do a first look with your parents

💍Don’t forget to sit at your head table and just watch your guests for a moment – absorb the moment!

💍Make an emergency kit for the day of! Don’t know what to include? My check list has a separate list just for the day of: Checklist here.

💍Create a “don’t call the bride” list of all your contacts so you don’t have to be interrupted on your wedding day. Find that in our list of questions to ask wedding vendors.

💍Have some one-on-one time with your husband and have a private cocktail hour (or 20 minutes) in a separate room from your guests

💍Instead of throwing your bouquet, hand it to the couple that has been married the longest

💍Don’t rush into choosing your wedding party – things change quickly especially when you’re planning a wedding!

💍Create a separate email for all your wedding related inquiries – make sure your fiancé has access to it as well!

💍Make sure your invites/save the dates/rsvp cards/etc. all match and print extras for your keepsake and for your photographer to capture on your wedding day

I hope this helped you to think of some ideas that you hadn’t thought of before! Want more tips and tricks? Like me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/marytaylorweddingplanning.

Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

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How do I begin wedding planning?!

Welcome to the new brides that don’t know me yet! Let me first introduce myself. My name is Mary. I am a current bride getting married in September this year. I am planning the wedding pretty much alone and have learned SO much since starting to plan over a year ago. We are having a “destination” wedding in California (where I am from – we currently live in New Zealand)! I’d love to get to know you and would love to see you on my Facebook page Mary Taylor Weddings. My posts are designed to be interactive so I can actually talk to the brides that are reading my blogs. I cannot wait to read your comments! If you’re already keen to start looking at decor, gifts, outfits, and more join me in my group Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals.

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Now, onto the MOST IMPORTANT topic (yes, I said it. This, this is the most important topic of the entirety of wedding planning)….. Where the heck do you even start?! You’ve got this gorgeous ring on your finger and you’re sitting there dreaming about the future. Maybe after a few days (or months or even years) of absorbing the fact that YOU’RE ENGAGED (woo-hoo!) you’re ready to start planning. You’re on your phone or your computer ready to start but have no idea what’s next. You’ll see (or you’ve seen) in my other blogs that I am pretty straight forward. I love lists. I love organization. So, here’s your first list.  

 These are the first things that you should do (in order) when you’re ready to start planning your wedding:

  1. Budget (check out my blog about budgeting). Research average costs of weddings in your area. Look at some potential venues and vendors briefly to get an idea of a realistic budget.
  2. Get a list of questions to ask your wedding vendors (especially for your venues because there will end up being a TON of questions you’ll want to ask them). Here’s a resource that includes questions to ask and an excel sheet (or pretty printable) to record answers.
  3. Write a very rough idea of your guest numbers (check out this blog on Who to Invite). Once you start writing down names, you’ll likely realize it’s more than you thought. I always recommend writing your lists in different columns or parts (must invites, really want invites, want but not needed/could live without) and separate them into categories (immediate family members, FH friends, FW friends, extended family, friends of both of you, parents friends, coworkers, and other).
  4. Venue (check out my blog about what to consider and some questions to ask wedding venues). Look for and book your venue. Do this before getting your heart set on a date. In my mind, date and venue should really be considered at the same time. If you’re really set on a date, be prepared to be told that date is booked for this or next year. If you’re planning far in advance, you may not have to worry about that date being booked. Here’s a blog about things to consider when choosing a date.
  5. After you’ve got a date, rough draft guest list, and your venue booked, if you haven’t already got a checklist, now is time! Do this before you get too far along in planning. Here is the checklist that I recommend: Click here.
  6. Start booking vendors (start with photographer, videographer, and then DJ. Next should be caterer, HMUA, etc.). Here’s a blog about questions to ask every one of your vendors.
  7. If you’re visual like me, start a Pinterest board! Feel free to check mine out here. I have boards such as wedding fashion, decor, bridal shower ideas, and our wedding inspiration vs. what we have actually purchased/are actually doing.

© Jocelyn Marie Photography | https://www.facebook.com/jocelynmariephotography/

Now you’re off to a great start! Look out for more blogs on other topics such as DIY projects, advice from real brides, money saving tips, and more!

I hope this helped you to feel confident in where to begin your wedding planning process. A few more recommendations that I have:

Join me and other brides as well as other bridal mentors and wedding vendors in Weddings, Wine & DIY. And of course, don’t forget to like my Facebook page for blog updates and more! We’d love to have you join our women’s shopping and inspiration community at Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals on Facebook.

Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

Happy bride-to-be with Miss to Mrs subscription box full of bridal must-haves
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Bridal Shoe Inspiration

Who else is struggling with what shoes to wear? I had no idea that this would be such a difficult task. There are so many options and so many things to consider. You want to make sure that you’re comfortable, that you can dance in them, and that they match your dress. You should also consider where your wedding will be taking place. Our wedding is on a golf course – which means lots of grass and no thin heels. 

Whether you’re looking for flats, boots, wedges, or stilettos, here is some wedding shoe inspiration from real brides:

© Sierra Amor Images | Monterey, CA

Wedding Bar Options – Pros & Cons

You’ve picked out your venue, you know their packages, and you’ve got to select what type of bar you’re going to have. There are a few different options when it comes to having a bar at your wedding. If your wedding venue allows you to bring your own alcohol, great! This is the best way to save money on your wedding day (unless you’re just choosing to go without a bar which of course will be the cheapest option)! Below I will list out the different types of wedding bar options along with their pros and cons.

Open bars: Let’s start with the most preferred type of bar. Most couples choose this option because it’s easy. No thinking about how much your tab is going to run up, what drinks people might like, or worrying about how much people will drink. Cash bars are done in a few ways:

  • Just wine/beer
  • Full bar with liquor
  • Price per person
  • Price per bottle
  • Price per drink
  • Price per hour


– No fuss or stress that you’ll end the night with a large tab to pay (it’s predictable)

– Guests don’t need to worry about bringing money or paying for their own drinks

– It’s proper etiquette 

– There are several ways to customize it so you and your guests are happy


– The most expensive option. 

– If guests don’t drink enough to justify the expense it can be frustrating. You have to pay for the non-drinkers as well. 

– People usually get really drunk.

Cash bar (guests pay): A cash bar is like an open bar in the fact that guests can drink whatever they want but in this case, the couple doesn’t pay for anyone’s drinks.


– It’s cheap for you (except for your own drinks). You don’t have to pay a huge amount up front and have guests not drink enough to justify the cost. 

– Guests might better regulate how much they’re drinking (because they have to pay for their own drinks)


– Even your guests that aren’t drinking alcohol will most likely need to be pay for other drinks as well.

– It’s not proper etiquette

– You may have some guests that are upset by this decision

– It could effect the amount and types of gifts you receive (gifts are sometimes based on the amount you’re paying per guest)


Consumption bar (couple pays): Sometimes venues offer couples the option to just pay for what their guests drink. To your guests, it acts as an open bar because they don’t have to pay for anything and they can get whatever they want. However, this means that at the end of the night, depending on your guests, you could end up with a massive bill! If you are thinking about a consumption bar, consider offering a limited bar and putting the amount that you’re comfortable spending on the bar tab. That way, when it runs out, guests can pay for their own drinks.


– If your guests don’t drink much or you’re only having a very small wedding, you won’t end up spending too much and guests can still get what they want


– May end up with a massive bill (it’s very unpredictable)

© Sierra Amor Images | Second photographing for Blissful Moment Photography

Limited bar: A limited bar is when the couple pays for only a portion of their guests’ drinks. This could be based on a ticket system, only for a specific amount of time, or with a certain amount of money on the bar tab. Once time or money on the bar runs out, guests start paying for their own drinks. Also, ask your venue if you can have a limited bar but choose which alcohol is included. This will help make sure the amount you put on your tab will last longer.


– You still provide alcohol for part of the time and it’s not as expensive as an open bar.

– You get to customize how much you want to spend


– You most likely will have to pay for sodas/juices as well which can add up for those that aren’t drinking alcohol. 

– Even though you’re paying for some of it, it’s better etiquette to pay for an open bar.

– If you have a tab to a certain amount, it may run out quicker than you think.

© Sierra Amor Images | Second photographing for Blissful Moment Photography

BYO: BYO standings for Bring Your Own. This when your venue allows you to bring your own drinks. Although the alcohol is cheaper in this case, there many be other costs associated with bringing your own alcohol/drinks. Some venues allow you to only bring your own wine, others only beer/wine, and others allow everything. The venue will likely also require you hire someone to bartend which could be an added expense. If the venue doesn’t provide cups, ice, coolers, and other needed bar items, you may also have to purchase these separately. https://www.liquorland.co.nz/party-planning/ is a great way to see how much of each type of alcohol you should be buying!


– Cheap and you can choose exactly what you want to serve 

– You can purchase the alcohol ahead of time so the cost is spread out over time

– You can purchase the alcohol when it’s on sale or at bulk pricing


– More work involved 

– It could end up being the same or similar price because of all the extra purchases

– You have to store and transport all the alcohol to the wedding

– There may be a corkage fee per bottle

– You have to hire a bartender separately

– Less options than a full bar provided by the venue

© Sierra Amor Images | Second photographing for Blissful Moment Photography

No bar: This will probably be the least desired option by your guests but, it’s your day! If you choose to not have a bar because you cannot afford it, consider still offering your guests drinks through a cash bar or asking your venue if your guests can bring their own drinks. Whatever the reason may be, be prepared some some guests to be offended!


– No one gets drunk so you don’t have to worry about them getting sloppy 

– It’s cheap for you (and your guests)

– Everyone gets home safely without needing a taxi/Uber/Lyft


– Guests may be upset and some may not even attend

– There may be less dancing (haha)

– Could effect the type or amount of gifts


I hope this helped you to understand the pros and cons of different types of bars you can offer! Whatever you choose will end up being the right choice for you. Regardless of others’ feelings, only provide what you can afford. It’s really not worth going into debt for! If having a specific bar is important to you but you cannot afford it, consider cutting costs in other areas! For those having BYO weddings, you can also host a stock the bar engagement/bridal/bachelor/bachelorette party where guests bring different types of alcohol/drinks! 


Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3


Featured image (first image) by Sierra Amor Images | Monterey, CA Photographer


Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

You’re looking for your vendors now! How exciting! But you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “I have never done this before. What should I ask? What should I look for?” Those are great questions to start with. Of course, your list of questions will depend on the vendor but here are some general questions you’ll want to ask all of them!

  1. Do you have / require insurance? Your venue may require your vendors (or even yourself) to have insurance. Always make sure that you ask this upfront so that you don’t get your heart set on someone who you cannot end up hiring.
  2. What do your services include? For example, does your florist include installation for gazebo/decorative pieces? Does your cake baker include delivery to your venue? Does your venue include linens, chairs, etc?
  3. What is your deposit and when does final payment need to be made by?
  4. If we pay in full ahead of time, can we receive a discount?
  5. Is this your full time job? How long have you been a ______? You may want to ask them this to get an idea for how experienced they are.
  6. If you haven’t already, ask for their portfolio and social media accounts to get an idea of the work that they produce. Ask yourself: is their work consistent?
  7. What happens if I need you stay an extra hour because the day has run longer than we thought? How much extra is it per hour?
  8. Are taxes included? What about gratuity? Is any amount of gratuity required?
  9. What is your backup plan if you cannot make it?
  10. What is your cancellation policy?
  11. Do you have a contract that we sign upon our deposit? This is to protect all the parties involved and is extremely important!!

For specific questions to ask certain vendors click below:

Printable and editable lists for all vendors

What to ask your venue

I hope this helped you to figure out some questions to ask your vendors. If you’re still stuck, look out for more blog posts coming soon and don’t forget to check out my new ‘questions to ask your wedding vendor’ lists!

If you’re a part of Weddings, Wine & DIY, I have offered a surprise discount code to the first five people to purchase! Just find the post about the list and comment on it <3


Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3