10 Reasons Why You Need A Wedding Email

Wedding Tip: Create a wedding email address – a separate email address for you and your fiancé. 

If you and your fiancé don’t already have a combined or shared email address, you should. Here are 10 reasons why a combined wedding email can help to stay organized and make your life easier! Because there are friends and family from both sides [you and your fiancé(e)], you want to create an easy way to keep everything as one. 

1. Having a combined email address makes it super easy to collect addresses from and for your guests. Whether you’re sending out emails or messages to collect addresses or using the methods in my blog about collecting addresses (which you can read about here), keeping all your “answers” using one email will help you to start your wedding planning experience off right. 

2. Sending out invites or save the dates. No matter if you’re sending invites via “snail mail” or email, having a combined email that guests can respond to their invite using email can be helpful. It will also help chase down those who have not responded to your invite. 

3. Registry. Typically, if not always, when you sign up for a registry, you’ll be required to give an email address. This way you both know that which registries you have signed up for. If you sign up with this email address, you both can access the account to add more to it or adjust what’s already added. You can read about my registry suggestion here!

4. Emailing your bridal party and wedding vendors. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and includes sending out tons of information (usually in email format). I have developed a full line of email templates to help you save time figuring out not only how to word things but what to include in emails to your wedding party and your wedding vendors. If you haven’t already, you can check out the templates here. Join our wedding Facebook shopping group for a chance to win our templates and get your free wedding timeline checklist just by signing up to our email list (where we send out exclusive offers). 

5. Sign-ups. When planning your wedding you may find you sign-up for quite a few things: email lists, free downloads, vendor lists, etc. Having a specific wedding email will help you keep all of these downloads and emails organized without clogging up your work or personal email. Plus, you and your partner will have access to everything. 

6. Updates. As you’ve probably witnessed in the last few months (unfortunately), life is unexpected. Through wedding planning you may need to update your guests on information. Whether it’s a small change, general information, or a cancellation, it’s important to inform all of your guests in a quick and easy way. This will help you keep your email lists organized so you have access to everyone’s email addresses in one place.

7. Gifts! This is different than just having registry using a shared because having a shared email (regardless of if you’re registered anywhere) is helpful when you’re asking for cash, gift cards, or other monetary based gifts. Having a shared email will help you both know when your guests gift you something (registry or not) and help you keep track of everything. You can start a Venmo or Paypal or even your Cander account. 

8. Guests. You might find that when planning your wedding you may get questions from guests (or even RSVPs that didn’t come how they were supposed to). It’s important to keep all of this organized! You also don’t want guests’ questions “clogging” up (in a nice way) your other email addresses especially if your other emails are full of spam or promotional material like mine are. This also gives you and your partner the ability to read and respond to all guests emails.

9. Wedding purchases. Staying on budget is super important when planning your wedding. Having a joint email can help you and your spouse stay on track. Not only tracking how much you have spent and what you have purchased, but also when purchases will be delivered. Having a joint email allows you both to look up helpful and important information without having to ask each other. 

10. So what about after the wedding? Don’t delete your shared email address after the wedding day. You can use this email address for more than just wedding planning. After the wedding you can use your email address for joint purchases, accounts, bills, and so much more. My husband and I use our for all of that plus things that relate to our new home that we are building (which you can learn more about on my personal Instagram page here). It’s seriously coming in handy! 

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