My name is Mary. I am a photographer, editor, lover of cooking, and most importantly for you, I am a current bride. First, I want you to know a little about me, my story, and my bridal journey so that the posts I make about my personal experiences you feel that you can connect those stories to a real person.

I started this website and blog because I absolutely love weddings. Growing up I wanted to be a wedding planner but found a passion in photography instead. Now that I have been planning my own wedding for almost a YEAR, I have gained a true understanding of the questions, problems, and stress that brides go through in order to create their dream wedding.

About us! My fiancé and my story is a whirlwind. Growing up and imagining how my “timeline” of life would work included seeing myself date a partner for five to seven years before getting married. When I met my fiancé, I had no idea we would end up getting engaged less a year from the day we first laid eyes on each other.

It started in London with a very traumatic experience for me to the point that I almost left London immediately. But a friend convinced me to stay. On my second night, after more complications, I decided even if I was going to be leaving the next day that I wanted to go to a pub crawl first. In my mind, it was the last time I would likely ever be in London and I had to live it up. Long story short, that night I met my now fiancé, Robbie. We immediately hit it off. When asked what I wanted to do while in London I mentioned the zoo and he said, “I have been wanting to go to the London Zoo since I moved here two years ago. Do you want to go with me tomorrow?” Our first date at the zoo was absolutely wonderful. We sat along the waters edge in “little Italy” and talked about our lives, our goals, our families, our businesses, and so much more. Fast forward a month later and Robbie was in Madrid visiting me again and meeting my sister and her partner.

Timing has always proved to be our friend. Everything in the world told me to leave London and I didn’t. I almost missed the pub crawl because they were about to leave and I had JUST arrived. And now, Robbie was telling me that the week after I had to return home to California, his Visa in London was expiring and he could stop in California for a few weeks while on his way home to New Zealand. We road tripped throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona. The three weeks flew by. At this point, we had told each other we loved each other. We had no idea how a long distance relationship would work while being countries away from each other but we weren’t worried. A couple months after Robbie left California, I went to New Zealand for two months. We road tripped the whole of New Zealand (both islands) and took a trip to Australia. On our 6 month anniversary of knowing each other, I told Robbie that after a lot of thought, I wanted to move to New Zealand. A few months after I left New Zealand, Robbie came back to the United States for a couple months which is when Robbie proposed in May (pictures below). In September 2018, I moved to New Zealand!

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I can’t wait to share more about what I’ve learned and all the experiences I have had so far. My goal for this site is to provide brides (and grooms, wedding planners, vendors, etc) information, advice, and opinions in different forms (blogging/reading, podcasts, and more) from a bride herself who has spent many hours researching, reading, and taking part in discussion boards. I want this to be a central place you can come to getting everything you need to know about wedding planning. I also want to be able to provide ways for those that prefer not to read a way to absorb information and learn about the wedding process without just reading a blog, book, or magazine.

Thank you so much for being apart of my story, my journey, and my passion! I look forward to helping you plan your wedding!

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Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3