I am so excited that you’re interested in being a brand affiliate for Mary Taylor Weddings. Here’s a bit more information about the program: 

This program was designed to help brides turn their checklist(s) into action steps. There’s nothing more daunting than getting a list of a hundred things to do and not knowing how to get through those checklist items. We know that some brides want and need a little guidance through their bridal journey. You may or may not also want a full-time wedding planner but either way, this is designed to help every bride! Let’s break down those hundred to-dos and figure out when and how to accomplish them.

This a step-by-step wedding planning program designed by wedding planners, professionals, and brides. It is designed to help brides to stay organized and feel supported through live Q&A’s, resources, and help from wedding professionals. 

What’s included:

💍 Mary Taylor Weddings’ Timeline Checklist

💍Mary Taylor Weddings’ “Everything You Need” Wedding Checklist

💍Custom email series based on your wedding date. This email series will help you to stay on track with wedding planning so you don’t fall behind. It includes direct links to resources that you will need to help you complete the checklist to-do items that you’re “assigned.”

💍 Access to our exclusive Facebook group which contains information on how to complete each step as well as more resources and information for each checklist to-do item.

💍In the future, we want to feature wedding professionals who can give you real-life, up-to-date, and helpful advice! 

💍We also hope to include exclusive discounts and gifts for our members. 

Why become a brand affiliate for us?

  • Receive a free directory listing (see below)
  • Receive 10% commission on all sales through your affiliate links (for the exclusive group if your affiliate link is not used but the member mentions your name upon sign-up, you will also receive commission: we are going to try this method and see if it’s doable)
  • Get to post valuable information (for free) into our exclusive group as long as you’re an affiliate
  • Become a resource to brides and grooms across the world
  • Build like, know, and trust with current and potential clients

Requirements for being an affiliate/ambassadors: 

  • Must create a contributor account (found here) to create and manage your links and clicks
  • Must post at least once a month promoting the exclusive wedding group (can be a blog post, Facebook post, or Instagram post)
  • Must read and agree to our affiliate agreement (found here)

Requirements for claiming your free directory listing as an affiliate/ambassador:

  • Must have a website
  • Must have at least one social media account
  • Must post about Mary Taylor Weddings (the blog, our exclusive group, our shopping group, our Instagram, etc) at least once a month
  • After registering as a vendor on our website, you will have the ability to add your directory listing

Here are some links to get to know Mary Taylor Weddings better: 

My blog is: https://www.weddings.marytaylorphotography.com

My facebook page where blogs get posted and then shared from there into groups and other pages (so we can track the analytics): https://www.facebook.com/marytaylorweddingplanning

My deals wedding group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marytaylorweddingdeals/

If you’re all ready to get started, please fill out this form.