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Bride’s Advice: Heather!

Heather’s Wedding Advice

Heather and husband Zack just got married on March 16th, 2019 at their rustic, rose gold wedding. Zack and Heather met when she was working at their local hardware store. They didn’t know each other though they went to school together. They only hung out outside of work when they were with a mutual friend. After hanging out with their friend several times, he convinced her to just hang out just the two of them. Heather says, “That’s when it all started! I began spending the night and that turned into me eventually living with him. We moved super quick but it didn’t feel like it at all between us because the feelings were so strong!”

Three months after officially becoming “boyfriend and girlfriend” they found out the surprise of a lifetime! Heather was pregnant! A lot changed after that and they bought their first home, secured more reliable and financially better jobs, and they began to make a life for themselves. Heather describes their daughter, “She’s a beautiful little firecracker I couldn’t imagine life without!”

When asked how they got engaged Heather says, “Two years later, he brought me to the first place we kissed and handed me a book. The book was custom made by him with a bunch of funny things and then faded into cute little quotes. The book ended with him asking me to be his wife! It was everything I could hope for in a proposal and it was so meaningful! After over a year and a half, on March 16, 2019, we are now officially Husband and Wife♥️”

I met Heather through one of the wedding planning groups I participate in (as a bride). She had shared these tips and I knew I had to share them all with you!

Heather’s top tips are:

  1. Try to plan for pictures with bridal party after everyone is all dressed and ready BEFORE the wedding! It will save so much time from having to do that after.
  2. See if you can have your immediate family at the wedding earlier to have the pictures you want with them before as well.
  • Having posed pictures takes a chunk of time out of your night (Getting everyone together, getting everyone in position, etc.) I did my bridal party before (not family) and when all the dances/pictures were done I was only left with about an hour to enjoy my reception. It was still the best night of my life and had a blast but wish I had done more images before the wedding ceremony.
  1. See about having a private dinner with just you and your new husband/wife. After our first dance, just the two of us had a candlelit dinner in the shack where my husband and the groomsmen got ready at the venue. I’m so glad I did! I was able to have him all to myself without others coming up to us for hugs/congratulations. (I have NEVER heard of this before Heather mentioned it! I have heard of people doing this with their hor dourves before their grand entrance. Either way is a great way to get in that little bit of extra time just the two of you.)
  2. If there are any specific pictures you for sure want taken AT the reception, see about having a close friend who knows everyone on the list to help gather them together when time for photos. Keeps it much more organized and takes up less time!
  3. DON’T FORGET TO EAT YOUR CAKE! Cake cutting photos usually don’t end with you sitting and eating a slice because you typically have something right after to do.
  4. Don’t stress yourself crazy over the music choice for everything (walking down the aisle, first dance, etc.) I did a lot of work on choosing my music and it wasn’t even worth it, I can’t vividly remember actually listening to the songs I chose because it was the most irrelevant thing at the time, I was so in love and happy I didn’t even notice the music playing!
  5. DANCE YOUR A$$ OFF! 🙌🏻

Thank you so much Heather for allowing me to feature your story! Your advice is spot on and features some things I have never even heard of before. Heather mentioned getting pictures beforehand so she had more time with guests at the reception. This is exactly why a first look can be a great option and why I highly recommend it. But if you’re not for that, ask your photographer if he or she can take your other group/family photos where you don’t both need to be there before the ceremony.

Are you a past bride that has some of your tips you’d like to share? Contact me via my contact page or on Facebook! I’d love to feature your tips, tricks, and advice!


Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

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