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DMR Wedding Entertainment – Arizona Wedding DJ Services

Choosing your wedding vendors for your wedding day is one of the most important aspects of your wedding (besides marrying the love of your life, of course). They’re the people who stand by your side to make sure that everything runs smoothly. When we planned our wedding (which you can read about here), I wasn’t sure if we could fit a DJ into our budget. Technically speaking, we could just play music off Spotify, right? After some back and forth as well as research, we decided it would be a great investment into our wedding day. And I am SO glad we decided to go through with it. I even did a whole blog about hiring a DJ vs. playing your own music (read here). I think that the overall idea of a wedding DJ is underrated. They don’t just play music – they actually keep your wedding day on track so you don’t have to.

I recently met Christopher Rita, a Master of Ceremonies, Professional DJ and the owner of DMR Wedding Entertainment. DMR Wedding Entertainment specializes in providing customized wedding entertainment for couples who are celebrating their love for one another. 

Christopher has been DJing since 1994! He says, “[It all] began in my hometown suburb of Chicago! I got introduced to the DJ industry by my Uncle who saw that I had a passion for music and an early age.” Then, in 2010, DMR Wedding Entertainment was created in January of 2010. 

When I first found DMR Wedding Entertainment, I went to their website where I was pleasantly surprised not only be met with a modern, fun, and interactive website but also a FREE wedding planning guide all about how to personalize your wedding day. I think this is such an important thing to remember when wedding planning. I asked Christopher how he came up with his free planner and he said, “Planning a wedding can be very stressful and take up a lot of time. I created the free planner to take the stress off of my clients and offer some guidance and suggestions in the planning phase.” I love that Christopher is already thinking about you before you even become his client. 

DMR Entertainment mainly serves the Phoenix, Arizona area but they also travel to the surrounding cities. So if you’re having an Arizona wedding, don’t forget to reach out to Christopher for a quote. DMR Entertainment isn’t your average, “cookie cutter” DJ service. They specialize in custom services to make sure that you are receiving what’s best for your wedding. DMR Entertainment says, “It’s not only WHAT we do but HOW we do it that defines our services. When you’re in need of a wedding DJ with experience, look no further. This is the DMR Wedding Entertainment DIFFERENCE – one you can be sure you and your guests will notice.”

Christopher says his goal is to bring awareness to how important a Master of Ceremonies really is. He wants to be “the spokesperson for [his] couples and make them feel like a guest at their own wedding. Your choice of a disc jockey service is an insurance policy against bad memories of a disappointing occasion. When it really, really counts, it’s results that separate GOOD from GREAT.”

You can find Christopher and his team at DMR Entertainment on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. And don’t forget to grab their free wedding planning guide! If you’re in search of an Arizona DJ service, don’t hesitate to reach out to DMR Entertainment.

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#StandWithSmall – Date Nights During The Pandemic

We all know that dating your spouse or partner is super important. And that doesn’t stop just because you are stuck inside. Whether it’s winter or it’s a pandemic, you can still have date night at home. During this time (covid-19 crisis) is also extremely important to be supporting small businesses. Small business owners are relying on you! Here are some ideas of what you can do at home for date night while also #standingwithsmall businesses!

Some of the links below are commissioned links. This means I may earn a small commission when you use these links. It doesn’t cost you anything and I cannot see who purchases what. 

Our digital, printable escape room style brewing game is perfect for bachelor parties, date nights, and game nights with friends or family – especially if you love beer! Help find missing details in a letter from Mystery Brewing’s master brewer before tonight’s event using clues found on his desk. 

Printable, at-home escape rooms! This one I am super excited about because I am surprising my husband with it this week! I will be posting about how we like in my free wedding Facebook group and on Instagram so come join us to see what it’s all about.

Put together or purchase a massage kit. This is a great way to connect with your partner and relax! 

Although your only option right now would be the “stay inside” cards, this would be a fun tool to have (for now and later). I love that it’s reusable. You can keep doing your favorite dates over and over again.

Start a garden! This is a fun and easy way to get outside. It also helps the environment and gives you something to look forward to. If you purchase these or have started your own garden, we would love to see it! Tag us on Facebook or on Instagram @MaryTaylorWeddings.

A digital murder mystery! I am super keen to try these out. There are SO many to choose from so you’ll always have options.

How fun are these date night dice? I absolutely love this idea. Because it’s personalized, you get to choose things that you and your partner actually like to do! 

Play games outside…on a BIG scale! This is another fun and easy way to force yourself to spend more time outside and enjoy the sun. With these dice you have tons of options of what you can play!

Do some cooking. Try a new recipe! Make it extra fun with a personalized cutting board or cheese board. You can even create your own mini grazing platter.

Before your dinner date, don’t forget to get all dressed up. I have two infinity dresses (like pictured) and absolutely love them! They’re super comfortable and I love that I can change the way I wear it every time.

You can check out Etsy’s #StandWithSmall choices here.

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New Zealand Hen’s Do Party Games Box

Have you ever seen an idea and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I wish I knew about that before,” (in my case, when I was planning our wedding)! A few weeks ago I found Party Games Box Company which is a New Zealand based “games in a box” company that delivers directly to your door – little boxes of awesome that are filled with party games for hens parties, baby showers or kids birthday parties. Each box can be tailored to the number of guests, and contains a variety of ready-to-play games/activities, instructions cards and prizes for each game plus everything you will need to play them, to take with you wherever your party is. Currently they have four different hens party games boxes along with a whole selection of other themed party boxes. I received a box so I could join in on the fun too and see what it was all about!  Take a look below at the box I received! 

What I love about Party Games Box is that it literally includes everything you need. I got one to try out for myself (pictured throughout the blog) and was shocked at how perfectly it was not only assembled in terms of organisation but also how they thought about everything (prizes for winners, instructions, and, of course, everything you need for several games). For reference, I got the “Wild, But Styled” hens do game box. I was a little worried that everything in the box would be really “out there” or raunchy but was pleasantly surprised to see a great mix of activities and prizes!

The owner of Party Games Box, Juliet, also owns The Party Box Company Ltd – boxes of awesome. They create and deliver themed kids party boxes anywhere in New Zealand! They have been operating for three years and have over forty themed boxes on their website but they also custom make each party box to the theme and number of guests for any party! Juliet says, “We aren’t limited to kids parties either – we’ve done adult birthday parties, hens parties, baby showers too!”

When I asked Juliet what her favorite part about owning Party Games Box, she said, “I think the games in these boxes are awesome – a mixture of old school, some a little bit naughty (for those adventurous hens parties), and of course boxes that would be suitable for the mothers and mother-in-laws who may be attending hens parties too! I love that we have tailored the games to the type of party that brides and maid-of-honors are hosting. I also LOVE hearing from clients what the best part of their party games box was!”

Party Games Box, as we know, is the only New Zealand based company that offers a one stop shop for all your hens do needs. They take all the stress out of organising a hens party by providing the games (and everything you need to complete them) as well as all the decor that you need (provided by their sister company The Party Box Company). Decorations and entertainment all in one box! It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

In the future you can look forward to new kids games boxes – dinosaur and spy coming soon! They also will be doing a games / decoration box combo for hens party and baby showers. 

You can find Party Games Box online at, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.

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Basic Invite: Custom Invitation Suites & Wedding Websites

If you’re already part of my Facebook wedding shopping group, you’ll know that I love learning about and sharing about wedding-related companies to help you plan your wedding day. Basic Invite is a high-end but affordable online wedding invites company that also specializes in custom wedding websites

Basic Invite allows you to order a printed sample of your invitations so you can see the card’s paper quality and how it will print before you have to place your final order. Honestly, this is super important! My husband, Robbie, and I didn’t choose a company that provided this service and after receiving our invites, I felt that they were a bit smaller than I had hoped. It’s hard to imagine what it will actually look and feel like until you have it in your hand. 

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. You can choose from over 180 different color and foil options! You can even change the color of each element on a card that way the card can be exactly how you want it, down to the littlest detail. Basic Invite says, “This is what sets us apart from any other online stationery company and is our biggest draw.” When creating our own wedding invites, I found that the other invitation companies had extremely limiting options. You have to love everything about a specific design because there are no options to customize it. Or maybe you love a wedding invite design but can’t find anything to match! Each of Basic Invite’s wedding invitations are part of a set. They have all the wedding stationery you need, like save the dates, wedding invitations, enclosure cards, wedding menus, wedding programs, and even matching thank you cards! This really helps to pull your entire look together and is great for those dreamy flat lay detail images that your photographer will capture on your wedding day. The little details really do matter!

They have gone above and beyond with their extra services like their free address collection service, seal & send wedding invitations, over 40 different colors of envelopes, free printables, and free wedding websites. Their wedding websites are completely customizable too! They’re mobile friendly and super easy to use. You can instantly upload all of your wedding details, along with images, and a convenient map with directions for your guests. And just like their matching templates for your set of wedding invitations, they also have a design suite to match your wedding invitations.

When I asked what their seal and send wedding invitations were, Basic Invite said, “Our seal and send wedding invitations are an all-in-one wedding invitation with a tear-off RSVP postcard included! The Seal & Send is our newest collection and brides are LOVING them. Currently, we offer them in over 30 designs including our ever-popular foil options, and, like our other products, they are customizable. What’s special about our Seal & Sends is that guest’s addresses are printed on the front of each invitation so no envelope is necessary! All you have to do is share a link, collect guest addresses, and upload them onto your design. Once you receive your order all you have to do is add postage, fold your invites, and secure them with a sticker! Simple and easy.”

I love that Basic Invite is keeping up with new trends, offering easier ways for brides and grooms to organize their invites, and allowing their customers to fully customize their products. This allows brides like you to get exactly what you want instead of settling for something else.

If you’d like to check them out online, you can find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter! You can also use code 15FF51 for 15% off everything in the month of February (2020).

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Heart for Art – Wellington Hen’s Paint Party

One of my favorite aspects of being involved in the wedding industry is getting to help connect wedding vendors and brides. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting wedding ideas, businesses, and inspiration. Heart for Art is a Wellington (New Zealand) based company that specializes in painting parties! How fun is that?! When I first came across their page on Facebook, I knew they would be a great fit for brides. If you’re looking at hosting a Wellington hen’s party, Heart for Art is the place to go. Their paint parties are a super fun and creative way to celebrate your bride-to-be.

The best part? You don’t have to organize anything – just show up! Trust me when I say, you don’t want to have to do everything yourself. Heart for Art provides everything from your canvas, brushes, and paint to your inspiration and hands-on teaching! Even if you say you can’t paint, they say, “We have never had anyone leave without a big smile on their face while holding their beautiful painting!”

More images can be found in their gallery on their website!

I asked Silke, the founder of Heart for Art, if we could have a sneak peek into a real bride-to-be’s hens do party which was perfect timing as bride-to-be Hannah was just about to have her Heart for Art Paint Party! Eleanor, Hannah’s maid-of-honor, said that she did tons of research and ended up hiring Heart for Art because of how warm, welcoming, accommodating, and personable Silke was. They had a BYO private event with pizza, nibbles, and a cheese platter. Hannah’s favorite part of the day was trying something new while being guided instead of just being told, “Here’s your inspiration, now paint that!” She said she felt confident through every step and was extremely happy with her painting which she can’t wait to hang up in her bedroom! Because some of the girls were traveling, Silke went out of her way to make sure they could still take their paintings home. Eleanor, who had planned the entire party from Australia and would be traveling back, got to paint on a rolled canvas which she could easily transport back to Aussie. Hannah says, “The important part of a hen’s party is to enjoy yourself with your friends so this was an awesome way to do that – to have fun, to do something a little bit different, and to be able to encourage each other and build each other up!”

When I got chatting to Silke I learned that her inspiration for her company is far more than just a way to have fun. Their mission is not only to share the joy and healing of art but also to help teach their painters that everyone holds creativity within themselves. I absolutely love this message and think it’s extremely important! Silke and her team are passionate about making art more accessible and understandable so that more people can experience the positive benefits of painting. I love that Hannah, Eleanor, and the rest of their hen’s party got to see and experience that for themselves!

If you have already had your hen’s party, no worries! Heart for Art also offers other Wellington private parties such as team building events, work functions, and so much more. They even do public events so you can go and check them out before you hire them for your private paint party!

Don’t forget to find Heart for Art on Facebook and check them out online! You can even see their upcoming public Wellington events here.

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My Experiece With Wedding Apparel New Zealand

Shopping for our wedding has been nothing short of an adventure! Because we are having our wedding in California, we have used companies all over the world to find exactly what we were looking for. I started following Wedding Apparel New Zealand a while ago – before I even started Mary Taylor Weddings! I loved following their Facebook page and seeing all their new custom creations. I was so excited when I got in touch with them and they said they’d love for me to try out some of their products! What I like about Wedding Apparel New Zealand is that they’re not only local but they’re personable. You know that these are real kiwis doing their best to help brides and grooms all over New Zealand. They communicated with me regularly and allowed me to make changes to my items as I needed! 

So let’s get in to what I actually got! I will include links below so you can easily find the items on their website! First up is this hat! How gorgeous is this hat?! I love that the brim is metal so I can easily shape it. I plan to wear this for not only my bachelorette party but also our honeymoon in Hawaii! To see me wearing it then, follow me on Facebook and Instagram! I can’t wait to get to show off this hat in person and take super cute photos with me! 

Next is the sash! I know there’s lots of places to get sashes but having our wedding color be gold, I saw this sash and HAD to have it. The gold is really sparkly and I love the ring design that’s added to it. I plan to wear this for my bachelorette party and possibly even my bridal shower! 

This next thing is probably one of my favorites because being a photographer, I know how important it is to have a beautiful hanger. It’s not something you normally think about but it’s great for pictures of your dress hanging up and it’s a keepsake that you can use to store your dress even after your wedding day.

Lastly was our custom wine bottle stickers! When I saw these, I fell in love with the idea! Our wedding is wine and travel theme so this added touch is going to look beautiful. For the ones we got, I wish they were a bit more purple toned instead of brown but nevertheless, I still love them and cannot wait to use them (you’ll have to come back to the blog to see what we do with them on our actual wedding day)! 

They also included this super cute custom cake topper for my bridal shower as a little gift! It was perfect time because when they emailed to let me know, I was had just emailed our baker to order our cake for my bridal shower! 

Thank you so much Wedding Apparel New Zealand! I cannot wait to include your gorgeous products in my wedding day celebrations and to show off how we use everything! 

If you want to check out Wedding Apparel NZ’s website head to:

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to see all their amazing products and updates! 

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I hope this helped you to learn more about Wedding Apparel NZ, their beautiful custom products, and a little bit more about our wedding day! We cannot wait to show you more!

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