What’s Married Life Like?

Have you ever gotten this question? Or maybe ever thought about what it’s going to be like for you? If I had to count the number of times that someone asked me, “What’s married life like?” I would be counting on my hands and my toes! I’m not sure what people expect me to say when they ask this. Do they want me to say that it’s 100 times better than being engaged or that it’s way more difficult than I ever thought? Is something drastic supposed to change after you get married? Or maybe it’s just a conversation starter to check in after the wedding.

Some people think that tying the knot means they will feel more secure, more wanted, or even happier! I’m personally not a fan of thinking of marriage as “hard work” because I know that’s not my relationship. I’m not saying it’s all butterflies and rainbows but when you learn to communicate effectively, have similar wants and needs, and have respect for each other, marriage is actually easy. *gasp* You’re probably thinking, “Did she just say that?!” It doesn’t mean it doesn’t take “work” (because let’s face it even if something takes work it doesn’t mean that work has to be difficult)! In fact, I wouldn’t even call it work. I’d call it commitment, love, patience, and effort.

For us, not much changed when we got married – which is a surprise since we went from engaged and living in a two bedroom house alone to married and living at Robbie‘s grandparents house. Even when we were engaged there were no feelings of, “I can leave at any time – we aren’t married yet!” The moment I said yes to marrying Robbie was the moment he was going to be my forever. We spend just as much time together, go on just as many dates, and adventure like always.

They say you’re supposed to date your spouse and this couldn’t be more true. I recognize that things are easier for us because we don’t have children (or pets) yet but whether you have kids, animals, or no extras at all, dating your spouse is so important. Even couples that have been together for more than 50 years can still learn more about each other!


I’m not an expert when it comes to marriage but I do know why my marriage seems so easy. We’re constantly communicating how we feel, what we appreciate, and things that frustrate us. We have so much genuine love and respect for each other that yelling and name calling is not a thing in our house. If there’s a disagreement that is affecting us negatively, we talk about it right away! My advice for newly married couples is: don’t expect things to automatically change just because you’re married. They might change because you’ve never lived together before, never been intimate before, or never spent so much time together before but marriage isn’t the thing that changed. Marriage is what YOU make it. If you want things to change, you have to put in effort and communicate with your spouse now. Don’t wait to tie the knot to start having those conversations!

So, to answer everyone’s question: Married life is the same as engaged life (at least for us)! It’s just as fun, loving, and busy!

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Heart for Art – Wellington Hen’s Paint Party

One of my favorite aspects of being involved in the wedding industry is getting to help connect wedding vendors and brides. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting wedding ideas, businesses, and inspiration. Heart for Art is a Wellington (New Zealand) based company that specializes in painting parties! How fun is that?! When I first came across their page on Facebook, I knew they would be a great fit for brides. If you’re looking at hosting a Wellington hen’s party, Heart for Art is the place to go. Their paint parties are a super fun and creative way to celebrate your bride-to-be.

The best part? You don’t have to organize anything – just show up! Trust me when I say, you don’t want to have to do everything yourself. Heart for Art provides everything from your canvas, brushes, and paint to your inspiration and hands-on teaching! Even if you say you can’t paint, they say, “We have never had anyone leave without a big smile on their face while holding their beautiful painting!”

More images can be found in their gallery on their website!

I asked Silke, the founder of Heart for Art, if we could have a sneak peek into a real bride-to-be’s hens do party which was perfect timing as bride-to-be Hannah was just about to have her Heart for Art Paint Party! Eleanor, Hannah’s maid-of-honor, said that she did tons of research and ended up hiring Heart for Art because of how warm, welcoming, accommodating, and personable Silke was. They had a BYO private event with pizza, nibbles, and a cheese platter. Hannah’s favorite part of the day was trying something new while being guided instead of just being told, “Here’s your inspiration, now paint that!” She said she felt confident through every step and was extremely happy with her painting which she can’t wait to hang up in her bedroom! Because some of the girls were traveling, Silke went out of her way to make sure they could still take their paintings home. Eleanor, who had planned the entire party from Australia and would be traveling back, got to paint on a rolled canvas which she could easily transport back to Aussie. Hannah says, “The important part of a hen’s party is to enjoy yourself with your friends so this was an awesome way to do that – to have fun, to do something a little bit different, and to be able to encourage each other and build each other up!”

When I got chatting to Silke I learned that her inspiration for her company is far more than just a way to have fun. Their mission is not only to share the joy and healing of art but also to help teach their painters that everyone holds creativity within themselves. I absolutely love this message and think it’s extremely important! Silke and her team are passionate about making art more accessible and understandable so that more people can experience the positive benefits of painting. I love that Hannah, Eleanor, and the rest of their hen’s party got to see and experience that for themselves!

If you have already had your hen’s party, no worries! Heart for Art also offers other Wellington private parties such as team building events, work functions, and so much more. They even do public events so you can go and check them out before you hire them for your private paint party!

Don’t forget to find Heart for Art on Facebook and check them out online! You can even see their upcoming public Wellington events here.

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The Grissom Wedding at Big Bend National Park

When I first saw pictures from Cody’s wedding, I had to know more! It looked unique, boho and totally Pinterest-worthy! I had no idea what I had gotten myself into (in a good way) when I first started talking to her! She was so easy to talk to and opened right up about her wedding. Cody and her husband got married at Big Bend National Park. Their entire wedding weekend sounds like something from a movie or a book. 

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Click on this image to see where Cody got her flowers!
Click on this image to see where Cody got her flowers!

They started their wedding adventure by taking the Sunset Limited overnight train from Houston with their friends and family. They arrived in Alpine and drove to Terlingua, a Ghosttown just outside the park. They had dinner at a motorcycle bar, with dancing and music, then roasted marshmallows around a bonfire. Dreamy right?!

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When we got chatting about why they decided to tie the knot in Terlingua, Cody said, “I have always been in love, most particularly, with West Texas. I went out once in college and was dazzled by the red rocks and incredible vastness of the mountains. They go on forever! And we’d spent several anniversaries there. We were very familiar with the area and the park, so I already knew that my mom and sisters (and friends) would have a lot of fun in Terlingua. It’s a ghost town with shops, art, music, and great food. I really wanted a more relaxed vibe, and my goal for the wedding was to have NO stress. I’d learn of the train from one of my clients out in West Texas (the Marathon Motel) and a friend out there who I’d met during my trip in college. People out there live incredible lives! I love trains so we went out there in March to test the waters and see what it would be like. It was easy, beautiful, excellent… The beds were comfortable and the food was great. It was so fun to go to sleep on the train and wake up in West Texas. So many of my friends immediately wanted to do that too! And tickets started at $65, so they were very affordable!”

To keep things simple and relaxed, Cody decided to wear only a small amount of foundation, rock her red cowgirl boots, and carry a handmade bouquet that she made in the aisle at Michael’s.

On the wedding day, they went to the park and had a first look ceremony outside of the Chisos Lodge. Cody says Chisos Lodge is a “beautiful mid-century modern lodge in the basin of the Chisos Mountains.” She says, “We had a toast (both crying the entire time haha), then we were dropped off at a trail with our officiant, a close friend, and our photographer, who was also my best friend.” Now, this is when their story gets even more interesting! They hiked out to a beautiful remote peak and said their vows in private. How special is that?!

I asked Cody why they decided to hike somewhere private for their vows and she said, “[It] was actually my husband’s idea. We love to hike and be outdoors, and he is somewhat of a private person and the idea of standing up in front of a large crowd intimidated him. I liked the idea of bucking tradition and doing something more personal, since I stand up in front of crowds for a living (I am in/manage presentations/classes/events) and I know that when you are in front of a crowd, on some level, what you are doing is for them. I immediately agreed! I’d also seen some beautiful photos of what were called “Adventure Weddings” from a couple I followed online, “thehearnes.” My husband’s request was actually a secret dream of mine! I love red rocks, big mountains, and beautiful landscapes. And you can’t get a cheaper venue than $50! (The fee for using the park).” I love when people do what is best for themselves – especially when it comes to their own wedding.

By the time that they got back, their friends and family had gathered at the lodge for the reception. Trevor Reichman played acoustic guitar as they danced the night away. I love that they had their officiant sign the marriage license in front of everyone so they still got to feel included in the process. Cody said that she was torn because she wanted her girlfriends to all feel special and a part of it while still having a private ceremony. Much to her surprise, they all wore the matching necklaces that Cody had given them at her bachelorette party as a thank you. In true wedding fashion, they had toasts and first dances! Cody says, “It was really an absolutely perfect day! The stars and mountains were out, and it felt magical. Our family and friends had a great time, and I was so incredibly relaxed and happy for everyone.”

They closed off the night at the Boquillas Hot Springs. What an amazing way to end an eventful day! Thank you so much Cody for sharing your wedding story with us! We cannot thank you enough! Your wedding day looked absolutely beautiful and we are so glad everything turned out perfectly. If you’d like to see some of the vendors that helped make Cody’s wedding day extra special, please check out the list of vendors below!

Photography: Stills By Garcia (

Invites: Half-Moon Media (

Music: Trevor Reichman (

Dress: Vivienne Atelier (

Location: Chisos Mountain Lodge ( at the Big Bend National Park (

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Wedding Nails Inspiration

Hi brides! I am super excited to share this blog about wedding nail inspiration. I love seeing inspiration threads on Facebook because it helps to see what real brides are doing. For the same reason, I also love to do inspiration blog posts! It’s an easy way to show you several different options from brides around the world! As a current bride myself, I couldn’t even decide what I wanted to do – why is it such a hard decision?! I ended up just going with French tip because you can’t go wrong with French tip right? Take a look at these and let me know on Facebook which is your favorite! You can find this blog shared onto my page at Mary Taylor Weddings.


Thanks to all of the amazing brides and photographers for providing these incredible inspiration images!

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My Bridal Shower

I have been helping brides to plan their bridal showers – giving suggestions, helping them to look for what they need to create their bridal shower, creating templates for brides, and browsing through Pinterest non-stop. Then, it was time for me to have mine! And just like any good mom and maid of honor would do, they said I wasn’t allowed to help (for my own good)! I gave them some suggestions and a couple of things that I really wanted (like these super cute napkins that we got on Amazon) but other than that it was ALL them!! They pulled off a Pinterest-worthy day for me and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! If you want to see where we got things from, look for the images with the captions which tell you which items are linked to those images. Click the image to take you to that product.

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Mimosa Bar Package

My favorite parts about the bridal shower included getting to see so many important women in my life, the mimosa bar, wearing a beautiful princess gown, the donut and treats table, the decor, the games, and the adorable video my mom recorded with Robbie (my now husband). So, pretty much everything was my favorite parts. I am so thankful that so many people could attend just days before our wedding! We had a blast playing the toilet paper wedding dress game which my sister in law ended up winning (although it was a hard decision because everyone’s dresses actually looked good)! 

I had a few special vendors help me make this day just that much more special. Wedding Apparel NZ gifted me this adorable “Future Mrs. Burke” cake topper!

Cake topper

On the bridal shower day, everyone was ooo-ing and aww-ing when I walked down the stairs. Throughout the day people kept telling me I looked like a princess. And honestly, I felt like a princess!! I actually did my hair and makeup trial with Peretti Hill Glam Squad in the morning before my bridal shower. It was so much fun getting all dolled up and a great way to see what I liked and wanted to change about my hair and makeup before our wedding day (which was only a few days later). I highly recommend doing your trial on a day when you can actually take advantage of professional hair and makeup. And, if you’re in the San Diego area, I highly recommend contacting Peretti Hill about getting your hair and makeup done by them!

You’re probably wondering where I got my GORGEOUS dress from! Picking out my dress was just as much fun as it was wearing on the day. I literally spent hours at Occasions with Tracey in Whakatane trying on and picking out this dress. Tracey was a blast to hang out with and her shop was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! If you live in New Zealand and you’re looking for a dress to wear to any special occasion, I highly recommend checking out Tracey’s store! 10/10 would recommend.

If you’re wondering where we (mostly my mom) got all the cute decor, look for images with captions throughout the blog. That shows what product is linked from that image! This is pretty much the ultimate #CreateThisLook (if you don’t know what I am talking about, join our shopping group on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean – it’s a whole lot of fun)!

Lace table runner
Gold plasticware
Pop the champagne napkins
Plastic champagne flutes

What did you for your bridal shower? Let me know in the comments of this post on Facebook or join our group and post some images! We can’t wait to see!

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Engagement Photos: Questions Answered & Inspiration

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You’re engaged! Congratulations! Let the fun begin! One of the first things you might want to do is get your engagement photographs taken. Here’s a guide on a few suggestions!

As a current bride and photographer myself, I highly recommend getting your engagement photographs taken. If you have your eye on a specific photographer for your wedding, now is your time to try them out or finally invest in their photography for your special day. Lots of photographers offer engagement sessions as part of their packages in order to get to know their brides and grooms better. If it’s an option, take them up on it! It’s a great excuse to dress up, get updated professional images, and get to know your photographer (their photography and editing style, their personality, and their posing/guiding). 

“Do I really need to get engagement photos? What’s the point?” I actually see this in a lot of posts on Facebook. People want to know if they really HAVE to do them. Often times photographers include free engagement sessions in their packages so why not?! This helps you and your photographer to get to know each other better. It helps you to feel comfortable around them and get a better idea of how they run their business. If you have to pay to add on engagement photos, I’d say it’s still a good idea. We used our engagement pictures as decoration at our venue, gave our parents copies for their home (thanks Shutterfly – we got prints and super cute magnets), and used them in our own home. You could also use them for save the dates and invites! 

“When do I book my engagement photos?” This is a mix between personal preference and when your save the dates and invites are going out. If you’re not sure about when these go out, check out the blogs linked in the corresponding words above (click save the dates to see the blog about save the dates and invites to see the blog about invites). Engagement photos are great to personalize your save the dates and invitations. We didn’t use our for our save the dates or invites and I really do regret it. Learn from my mistakes! 

“Where should I have my engagement photos taken?” You should have your engagement photos taken somewhere that means something to you, describes your personalities, or fits your wedding vibes. These are photographs you’re going to have on display in your home and in albums for the rest of your lives. They’re also photographs you might use around your wedding venue, on invites, and on your wedding website so you want to make sure they fit the look you’re going for. You may also want to choose somewhere that has versatilely so you can move around and look like you’ve changed locations. This allows you have to several backgrounds to choose from when selecting which photographs you’re going to use. 

“What do I wear to my engagement photos? I need some inspiration!” This is a great question and something that I see a lot! I always recommend bringing at least two outfits for you and your partner. For men, it’s easy to switch out their shirt or button up to make a whole new outfit. Women, this is where you come in! I recommend bringing one casual outfit (think either jeans and a nice shirt or a sundress) and one fancier outfit (a long dress or something similar). I wore a short, tight white dress with a wrap around skirt over it so that I could easily convert my outfit. Robbie (my now husband) wore jeans with a t-shirt and, overtop, a button up. That made it really simple for him to change from casual to “fancy”. Switching outfits also helps to give you options when selecting photographs to use. With change of backgrounds and change of clothes, it’ll look like you’ve actually done two photoshoots (for the price of one)! Here’s our photos by Susannah Lynn Photography:

Here are some good Amazon engagement clothes options that other brides recommended (they come in different colors/patterns):

Images from their corresponding listings.

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My Bachelorette Party

I am so excited to finally be writing and sharing this blog post! I have dreamt about it for a long time now. Every bachelorette party is different (which makes it that much more fun). Some include weekend long vacations with tons of friends, getting drunk and staying out until 5am, relaxing at the beach, boudoir photoshoots, or even strippers in a hotel room. Mine was exactly what I could have hoped for – the perfect mix of fancy and laid back, lots of good food, unlimited mimosas, and quality time with a small amount of friends! My sister (MOH) did an amazing job making it happen!

We started our morning by all meeting at the train station where we took a train to downtown San Diego. My sister surprised us all with matching sunglasses and had even set a “dress code” for everyone (black and red). We sipped mimosas (I mean, just orange juice 😉 ) and played games as we peered through the windows at the gorgeous ocean view. If you haven’t taken the train along the coast of California, you have to! It’s absolutely stunning! It looks like you’re floating on water!

One of the games we played was a game where each person had a clothespin with a photograph of myself and my fiancé (well, now husband), Robbie (one picture on each side). A few days before the bachelorette party, my sister emailed us both a list of questions which we then answered separately (and privately – we weren’t allowed to know what the other person’s answer was). 

Our answers couldn’t say names or he/she. Some of the questions included (there were 10 total):

  1. Where/when was our best vacation?
  2. My number one love language is…
  3. How many kids are we having?
  4. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  5. We just had an argument – it was probably about…

On the train, my sister read out a question and one of our answers. Then, the girls had to hold up the picture of who they thought she read the answer of. After she announced who said it, she read the other person’s answer. It was incredible how similar our answers were! It was super funny and a perfect game for my bachelorette party! 

Once we arrived at our stop, we took a walk to where we would be catching our boat for the brunch cruise!

We took a photo outside of the boat which my dear friend Kayla ended up buying for me! How cute is that?! Here’s the picture below:

Once we boarded the boat we noticed two other bride-to-be’s! Later in the trip I ended up meeting one of them and handing out dare cards to other passengers on the boat. On the top deck of the boat, there was a live musician who was singing custom songs based on requested. My sister went up to tell him I was getting married and he sang a song about “Mary is getting married!” It was absolutely hilarious! I danced in the center of a massive group of people! 

After our brunch cruise we stopped at a rooftop bar for a drink before heading back onto the train. I was given a list of dares and I got to allocate one to each girl at the party and the rest were for me. We didn’t quite make it through the list but we did do some of them including me getting a picture with this random guy (who ended up being a magician and freaking blew our minds)!!! There were a couple of amazing tricks (well, all of them were amazing but two in particular that stood out). I am probably not telling these in the best way but he had me write my name on a card at the beginning of his act and throughout the time kept showing it to me, picking it out of the deck, etc. By the end of the act the same card I wrote on was INSIDE of a lemon that he cut open. We didn’t see any holes or cut marks in the lemon though. My favorite one was when he had me and my bridesmaid, Michelle, hold hands to symbolize our lifelong friendship. I can’t remember if he drew (with his finger) an x on the outside of our hands or we did but when we opened our hands I had an x drawn with sharpie on the inside of my hand! I never felt anyone or anything touching there the entire time.

After our train ride home, we hung out at the pool until that night when we went out on the 101 for some dancing and drinks! We decided that after our individual bachelor/bachelorette parties that we would combine everyone for the evening! It worked out perfectly and was such a blast. Even our families got to join us at the pool to celebrate!

A HUGE thank you to my incredible sister Cristina who made this bachelorette SO special! I wouldn’t have changed a thing! Thank you to everyone else who helped and attended as well <3 It would have been completely different without all your guys’ help, planning, and presence!

I love how bachelorette parties are whatever you want them to be. Every bachelorette party is unique in it’s own way! If your bridesmaids and maid of honor planned you an amazing bachelorette party, I want to hear about it! Go comment on my Facebook post (the one that shares the link to this blog) and tag whoever helped you pull off your epic bachelorette party! You can even submit your story below for a chance to be featured on the blog! I cannot wait to see what you share with us! Don’t forget to join myself and over 600 other brides in our shopping and inspiration wedding group on Facebook. Click here to see what we are all about. And if you’re wondering where I got my super cute “Mrs. Burke” hat and my gorgeous white and gold sash, go check out Wedding Apparel NZ. I will put links to both items in the group <3 You can also check out the blog I wrote about them here.

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My Experiece With Wedding Apparel New Zealand

Shopping for our wedding has been nothing short of an adventure! Because we are having our wedding in California, we have used companies all over the world to find exactly what we were looking for. I started following Wedding Apparel New Zealand a while ago – before I even started Mary Taylor Weddings! I loved following their Facebook page and seeing all their new custom creations. I was so excited when I got in touch with them and they said they’d love for me to try out some of their products! What I like about Wedding Apparel New Zealand is that they’re not only local but they’re personable. You know that these are real kiwis doing their best to help brides and grooms all over New Zealand. They communicated with me regularly and allowed me to make changes to my items as I needed! 

So let’s get in to what I actually got! I will include links below so you can easily find the items on their website! First up is this hat! How gorgeous is this hat?! I love that the brim is metal so I can easily shape it. I plan to wear this for not only my bachelorette party but also our honeymoon in Hawaii! To see me wearing it then, follow me on Facebook and Instagram! I can’t wait to get to show off this hat in person and take super cute photos with me! 

Next is the sash! I know there’s lots of places to get sashes but having our wedding color be gold, I saw this sash and HAD to have it. The gold is really sparkly and I love the ring design that’s added to it. I plan to wear this for my bachelorette party and possibly even my bridal shower! 

This next thing is probably one of my favorites because being a photographer, I know how important it is to have a beautiful hanger. It’s not something you normally think about but it’s great for pictures of your dress hanging up and it’s a keepsake that you can use to store your dress even after your wedding day.

Lastly was our custom wine bottle stickers! When I saw these, I fell in love with the idea! Our wedding is wine and travel theme so this added touch is going to look beautiful. For the ones we got, I wish they were a bit more purple toned instead of brown but nevertheless, I still love them and cannot wait to use them (you’ll have to come back to the blog to see what we do with them on our actual wedding day)! 

They also included this super cute custom cake topper for my bridal shower as a little gift! It was perfect time because when they emailed to let me know, I was had just emailed our baker to order our cake for my bridal shower! 

Thank you so much Wedding Apparel New Zealand! I cannot wait to include your gorgeous products in my wedding day celebrations and to show off how we use everything! 

If you want to check out Wedding Apparel NZ’s website head to:

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook to see all their amazing products and updates! 

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I hope this helped you to learn more about Wedding Apparel NZ, their beautiful custom products, and a little bit more about our wedding day! We cannot wait to show you more!

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Spray Tanning Before Your Wedding – What You Need to Know & Who I Recommend

Have you ever had a spray tan or used self-tanner? I see so many brides asking about tanning before their wedding day. We all want to look our absolute best of on our big day but if you’ve never used artificial tanning before it can be a bit daunting. You should still look like you. And have you ever see people who turn out looking orange?! Wouldn’t that be a nightmare before your wedding day?!

As many of my readers know, I live in New Zealand but our wedding is in California. With seasons being flipped, we will be leaving our winter to attend our summer wedding in the States. The majority of our guests will be blessed with a glowing tan but I will be a shade of pale. I actually didn’t fully consider doing a spray tan until I saw a company called Little Honey. They’re crafted here in New Zealand (yay for local products), paraben free, cruelty free, and vegan! I loved that I could do it at home, take it with me to California, and apply as much or as little as I wanted to. When I first got the box, I was SUPER nervous about trying it because I had no idea how it would turn out. Would it be difficult? Would I end up orange? Would I do it wrong and end up with an uneven tan?! I had posted a picture on my Instagram story of it and had friends asking for me to video myself trying it out. So, I did! Check out the Instagram story footage below.


Look at this end result!! Not only was it SUPER easy but it smelled amazing! I was really scared it would hurt my sensitive skin after shaving but it didn’t hurt or sting at all. I am SO impressed! And, it didn’t rub off on anything. It takes only 10 seconds to dry and I was under a white fuzzy blanket after (yes, it’s freezing here). 

I cannot say how other tanning experiences would go since I haven’t tried any others yet but Little Honey was exactly what I was looking for. And lucky for you (no matter where you live), they ship internationally! 

So here’s some tips I have in general for any spray or self tanning for your wedding day.

  1. Do it ahead of time to see what you like and don’t like. You don’t want your first time to be the week of your wedding.
  2. Shower and exfoliate BEFORE you get your tan.
  3. If you’re doing it at home, have someone help you with your backside (legs, back, shoulders, etc.)
  4. If applying at home, apply carefully onto your elbows, hands, etc. because of the creases in your skin.
  5. Wear shorts or loose clothes directly following your tan so it doesn’t rub.
  6. Wait a minimum of four hours before showering after your tan (this could change depending on the type of tan you use). I personally waited until the next day.
  7. You CAN tan your face as well (check with whoever you purchase your tanning solution from or where you get your tan done just to be sure).
  8. Each day after your spray tan, remember to moisturize your skin so the tan lasts longer and your skin feels smoother!

I hope this helped you to not only decide if a self-tanner is right for you but also helped you learn more about self/spray tanning and Little Honey! If you’re going to try Little Honey, go comment on the Facebook post about this article! Don’t forget to join me on Facebook at Mary Taylor Weddings and Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals for fun wedding shopping and great deals.

Find Little Honey on Facebook here or online here. Images by Mary Taylor Photography.

Signing off,

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Bride’s Guide to Prime Day 2019

It’s Prime Day 2019! As of now there is just over 27.5 hours left to grab these amazing deals!I never really shopped much on previous Prime Days but this year, I am a bride! That means not only do I get to do lots of shopping but I am also looking for the best deals around. Just today, I finally got to purchase flowers that had been sitting in my cart for months! I had no idea they would be on sale but was thrilled when I realized I had just saved over $8! If you’re not already a Prime member, you can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial here. If you would like to create a free wedding registry on Amazon click here.

If you’re looking for a constantly updated list of the best wedding deals, join our group Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals on Facebook. I have been posting for over 8 hours today with Amazon Prime Day deals! There are so many cool things about the group!

  1. You get to interact with other brides and share your reviews and purchases.
  2. You don’t have to do all the work to find the deals you want – I do it for you!
  3. You can turn on notifications for specific threads that you want to stay updated about (for example: bachelorette party items)
  4. Even after Prime Day, you’ll get to see new deals and get exclusive discounts to all different online stores!

Here are some of the most popular items I have posted about so far!

Bachelorette Party Finds:

Mr. & Mrs.

Bridal Accessories

Flowers / Greenery



For the DIY Bride


** All images were taken directly off of the Amazon listing for that item. I do not own the images. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Prices can change at any time and items may run out of stock without notice. I will try my best to update this blog when items are out of stock but cannot guarantee it. These links should still work even after Prime Day but prices may have changed and deals may have expired!