The Grissom Wedding at Big Bend National Park

When I first saw pictures from Cody’s wedding, I had to know more! It looked unique, boho and totally Pinterest-worthy! I had no idea what I had gotten myself into (in a good way) when I first started talking to her! She was so easy to talk to and opened right up about her wedding. Cody and her husband got married at Big Bend National Park. Their entire wedding weekend sounds like something from a movie or a book. 

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Click on this image to see where Cody got her flowers!
Click on this image to see where Cody got her flowers!

They started their wedding adventure by taking the Sunset Limited overnight train from Houston with their friends and family. They arrived in Alpine and drove to Terlingua, a Ghosttown just outside the park. They had dinner at a motorcycle bar, with dancing and music, then roasted marshmallows around a bonfire. Dreamy right?!

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When we got chatting about why they decided to tie the knot in Terlingua, Cody said, “I have always been in love, most particularly, with West Texas. I went out once in college and was dazzled by the red rocks and incredible vastness of the mountains. They go on forever! And we’d spent several anniversaries there. We were very familiar with the area and the park, so I already knew that my mom and sisters (and friends) would have a lot of fun in Terlingua. It’s a ghost town with shops, art, music, and great food. I really wanted a more relaxed vibe, and my goal for the wedding was to have NO stress. I’d learn of the train from one of my clients out in West Texas (the Marathon Motel) and a friend out there who I’d met during my trip in college. People out there live incredible lives! I love trains so we went out there in March to test the waters and see what it would be like. It was easy, beautiful, excellent… The beds were comfortable and the food was great. It was so fun to go to sleep on the train and wake up in West Texas. So many of my friends immediately wanted to do that too! And tickets started at $65, so they were very affordable!”

To keep things simple and relaxed, Cody decided to wear only a small amount of foundation, rock her red cowgirl boots, and carry a handmade bouquet that she made in the aisle at Michael’s.

On the wedding day, they went to the park and had a first look ceremony outside of the Chisos Lodge. Cody says Chisos Lodge is a “beautiful mid-century modern lodge in the basin of the Chisos Mountains.” She says, “We had a toast (both crying the entire time haha), then we were dropped off at a trail with our officiant, a close friend, and our photographer, who was also my best friend.” Now, this is when their story gets even more interesting! They hiked out to a beautiful remote peak and said their vows in private. How special is that?!

I asked Cody why they decided to hike somewhere private for their vows and she said, “[It] was actually my husband’s idea. We love to hike and be outdoors, and he is somewhat of a private person and the idea of standing up in front of a large crowd intimidated him. I liked the idea of bucking tradition and doing something more personal, since I stand up in front of crowds for a living (I am in/manage presentations/classes/events) and I know that when you are in front of a crowd, on some level, what you are doing is for them. I immediately agreed! I’d also seen some beautiful photos of what were called “Adventure Weddings” from a couple I followed online, “thehearnes.” My husband’s request was actually a secret dream of mine! I love red rocks, big mountains, and beautiful landscapes. And you can’t get a cheaper venue than $50! (The fee for using the park).” I love when people do what is best for themselves – especially when it comes to their own wedding.

By the time that they got back, their friends and family had gathered at the lodge for the reception. Trevor Reichman played acoustic guitar as they danced the night away. I love that they had their officiant sign the marriage license in front of everyone so they still got to feel included in the process. Cody said that she was torn because she wanted her girlfriends to all feel special and a part of it while still having a private ceremony. Much to her surprise, they all wore the matching necklaces that Cody had given them at her bachelorette party as a thank you. In true wedding fashion, they had toasts and first dances! Cody says, “It was really an absolutely perfect day! The stars and mountains were out, and it felt magical. Our family and friends had a great time, and I was so incredibly relaxed and happy for everyone.”

They closed off the night at the Boquillas Hot Springs. What an amazing way to end an eventful day! Thank you so much Cody for sharing your wedding story with us! We cannot thank you enough! Your wedding day looked absolutely beautiful and we are so glad everything turned out perfectly. If you’d like to see some of the vendors that helped make Cody’s wedding day extra special, please check out the list of vendors below!

Photography: Stills By Garcia (www.stillsbygarcia.com)

Invites: Half-Moon Media (www.halfmoon-media.com)

Music: Trevor Reichman (trevorreichman.bandcamp.com)

Dress: Vivienne Atelier (vivienneatelier.com)

Location: Chisos Mountain Lodge (chisosmountainslodge.com) at the Big Bend National Park (visitbigbend.com)

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