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Date For Your Special Day

Hello beautiful brides (and handsome grooms),

How is everyone doing?! Are you all excited to get started and dive into the planning process?! I know I am!

Let’s chat about picking a date. This should be one of the easier topics because normally (but not always) you’ll either have a date in mind or know of a rough season when you would like to get married. Here is why picking a date matters (besides the obvious fact that without a date you can’t get married) and some other things to think about:


  • Do you have a special date like an anniversary that you’d like to get married on? Is it a weekend day or a week day? If it’s a weekday and you’re set on a weekend date can you have it the weekend before or after the anniversary or original date you were thinking of?
  • Are you open to weekday wedding (which could help you save money)? Keep in mind that probably less guests will be able to attend during the week unless it is a holiday.
  • If it’s a holiday or holiday weekend this may make travel for guests out of town more expensive, hotels may be booked up far in advance, and still, guests might not be able to come (due to other plans or the expense).
  • Is your date in Fall, Spring, Summer, or Winter? The location of your wedding (city, state, country) may be wet / rainy / snowy depending on the season. Please keep this in mind and know if you’ll need a wet plan if it rains. The season may also affect your color schemes, available flowers, and available food (if you’re very set on seasonable food that may not be available all year round).
  • Do you have enough time between now and your wanted date to plan and save for your wedding? Do not put extra stress on yourself and this experience if you can choose a different date or wait until the next year.
  • Is this date anyone in your family’s birthday (or a close friend’s birthday)?
  • Depending on the season, some venues will either not be open at all or even offer a discount for booking your wedding during a specific season. If you have your eye on a certain venue, ask them those questions.

I hope that helps you with picking your wedding date. If you have any other tips or tricks for other brides feel free to submit them to me.

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