DIY Wedding Projects

Bridesmaids gifts/bridesmaid boxes: get a nice box or basket and fill it with fun things to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. Check for an upcoming blog about what to put in your bridesmaids proposal or gift boxes


Bathroom utility baskets: click here to read more about these and what to include.


Photo Booth props: Ruffled Blog has a blog with some suggestions here.


Napkin rings: the possibilities are endless but FabYouBliss gives you some ideas here. You can also use toilet paper rolls (cut in half) and decorate them with lace, tulle, sequins, etc.


Wedding cake stands: you can make a cake stand out of an upside down wine glass and a plate!


Bird feeder wedding favors: PolkaDotBride has some ideas here


Games: make your own large jenga, tic-tac-toe, cornhole, or more. To read more ideas on good DIY games click here.

DIY Decor:

Metal or wood archway


Floral arrangements: this is a great way to save money! You could make your bounteierres, flower crowns, bouquets and other arrangements using fake (or real) flowers!


Wine bottle or mason jar centerpieces: another great way to save money. Use items that you already have. To keep it simple, just remove the label. To make it even fancier, add lace, burlap, or even glitter to the outside of the bottles.


Wedding signs: with paint or vinyl print outs (using a Cricut cutter or by purchasing on Etsy or Wedding Apparel NZ) create signs showing guests where to go, the days events, and more. Here are some fun ideas of signs you could make: read here.

Table identifiers: there are SO many options on how you can DIY your own table indentifiers. Some good options include mini chalkboards, picture frames, mirrors, books,  bottles, mini wood rounds, and so much more!


Cork decor: have a bunch of extra wine corks laying around? Use them to make numbers, hearts, and sayings just by glueing them together. You can also use them for name cards!

Come back to this blog as I may update it even more as I find new projects. Also, make sure to like me on Facebook to see updates, deals, and advice! I also plan to share some of my own DIY projects once I get closer to my own wedding date <3


Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

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