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Want to learn about our listings and get your business featured?

Mary Taylor Weddings is different because we didn’t start out as a directory. Mary, our founder, created Mary Taylor Weddings when she was planning her own wedding. She was already a wedding photographer but being a bride was a completely different perspective. She learned so much more about the industry (from a bride’s perspective) and ways she could help improve it. Since starting Mary Taylor Weddings, she has been able to help hundreds of brides and work with several different vendors. She owns Facebook wedding groups with over 1,000 brides. She wants to further help brides by connecting them to vendors. Because her wedding was planned from overseas, she knows just how difficult it can be to find the right vendors. Mary Taylor Weddings is looking to promote passionate, high-quality, worldwide vendors. As of now, we do not allow vendors to pay extra to simply be featured (appear higher) on the directory. If you’d like to be “featured”, we do allow sponsored posts on social media and on the blog. We’d rather help you build a brand that people like, know, and trust instead of just boosting your listing to the top. We also have requirements in order to be a part of our directory.  This helps us to make sure we are associated with high quality vendors. 

First, if you haven’t already, create an account. If you’re a vendor looking to create a listing, create a contributor account. After your account has been approved, you’ll create a listing. Once we review your listing and receive your payment, you’re all good to go! Start sharing your listing with friends and family. Brides can then add your listing to their favorites, contact you with questions, and search for you based on your location, name, or vendor type. You can also edit your listing at any time through your own account.

  • You must have a functioning website and at least one social media account.
  • If you’re shipping orders, we would also like to see your packaging. First impressions of your orders are super important!
  • You must have at least four to six professional images to display on your listing. The other three images may be customer images/other images. This helps us to make sure that your listing looks professional and best represents your company. Images should be sized on 1024 on the long edge (or they may crop automatically) and the first image must be landscape style (horizontal).

If you are not approved for one or more of these reasons above or you know you don’t fit these requirements, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we have resources to help you get started.

Right now we only have one all-inclusive option but have a few add on options as well. That way you can build your own package with exactly what you need. Our one year listing is USD$200 or NZD$300. Your listing will include a bio, testimonials, up to nine images, a contact form, your website URL, your email address, and more. You can also edit your listing at any time through your own account. You can add on featured blog posts or social media posts. In the future we hope to bring you even more options! If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, let us know by email us at [email protected]

*Prices and packages can change so please read our terms of trade below.