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I Caved… I Finally Got…

Ever since I started Mary Taylor Weddings, I wanted to keep it simple. Post on my blog about what I have learned and help other brides in the groups that I was already in. But, there was a problem. Commenting links to my blogs was seen as advertising even though I was genuinely commenting with not only good intentions but valuable information. SO many brides told me, “Thank you so much! That blog really helped me!” 

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So over the last few months I have started to integrate my blogs, my thoughts, and my recommendations into my own space. I have created my Facebook page and my group. I have been a huge part of Weddings, Wine & DIY (shout out to Michelle for seeing my value and allowing me to help brides within the amazing community you has built)! But I still told myself, “No Instagram!” It’s just one more thing to keep up on, to manage, to spend countless hours posting on. But…. I caved. I finally got Instagram for Mary Taylor Weddings. And to be honest, I am not exactly sure what it’ll turn into. I would love to keep my personal page more about me, my life, and my wedding so right now my Mary Taylor Weddings Instagram is more of an inspiration page. It’s those “how to create this look” type posts. It’s different than my other platforms I am currently using for Mary Taylor Weddings. I cannot wait to see what it turns into. 

So, why did I cave? I actually found this amazing program called Snapppt where Instagram posts can be turned into shop posts. I love the idea of having a platform where brides can see looks that they like and know where to get the products in the image. If you’d like to see what I mean check out the Mary Taylor Wedding’s Snapppt page here. The goal is that eventually the Instagram will have the little shop icons so you can do it from your computer (using the Snapppt site) or right on Instagram. 

I’d love to see your wedding inspiration images and find out where you purchased the items you used to create your looks. Send me a message or post in our group Mary Taylor’s Wedding Deals.You can also tag me on Instagram @Mary TaylorWeddings

Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

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