Are you interested in having your images featured?

Mary Taylor Weddings is looking for other wedding professionals that want to be featured!

Currently we are in search of photographers and videographers that would like to have their work featured throughout our websites, blogs, emails, social media posts, and more. Your images and videos will be uploaded into a folder just for you so that we always know who to give credit to. If you want to create your own Dropbox or Google Drive that you can update yourself, please feel free to that as well. Just let us know in your form that you’ll be updating the files throughout time so we know to go back and look. 

All of your images will be credited with a link to your website and/or Facebook page (or other social media account you provide to us). Some examples of how we may credit you are above. Feel free to also check out our blogs to see how we credit photographers. If your images are the only images used in the blog, it will be mentioned in the blog rather than on each image.

Mary Taylor Weddings is an online wedding blog designed by Mary/myself (a current bride). Use my blogs as resource for your brides and for your following so you don’t need to always come up with your own content for your social media accounts. You’re always welcomed and encouraged to share any of my blogs but especially the ones where your images are used! You deserve to brag about your incredible art being featured in a blog! If you’d like to share the blogs and posts in which your images are used, let me us in the form below and we will tag your page when a blog or post goes live which includes your images! 

Be a resource, not a “sales pitch”. Our Facebook group is free and unlike other wedding groups organized by other brides, our group is full of wedding planning essentials, real wedding professionals, and free online events!

What types of images are we looking for?

  • From detail shots and elopements to family images, first kisses, and bridal party. We want to see a variety of images!
  • High quality (if possible, please export to 1024 long edge or optimise for web). Please make sure your images are in focus and high resolution!
  • They don’t all have to be from the same session or gallery – give us your best of your best! Give us a variety of images.
  • Videographers – feel free to send different short clips, sneak peeks, etc. 

What’s in it for you? 

  • Have your images in front of your ideal audience
  • Network with other wedding professionals
  • Build like, know, trust with your potential clients 
  • Be the first to know about future opportunities and collaborations
  • Build credibility

Refer your potential clients to our free groups and let them see your value for themselves. By referring them to helpful resources, you’re instantly providing them with value. Our wedding shopping group has over 800 brides and is constantly growing! Each blog is shared into this group! We have also just opened up the opportunity for a FREE listing on our directory. If you’d like to participate in that please create an account here.

They say that people need to hear and see your product or marketing message an average of seven times before committing to purchase. By saying that you’re featured in blog posts, websites, and groups, it helps you to build credibility. Think about it – some clients may even love to see their images used and want to then share that with their friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing – especially within the wedding community. 

For photographers, this is the first step to a collaboration. Soon we will be opening up more opportunities to those that we have already worked with. This will include being a part of our Weddings, Wine & DIY community! 

Want to be featured?
So that we can tag/mention/credit you.
Don't have images that are ready right now? Feel free to email Mary with a link to Dropbox, Google drive, or other form of a gallery later. Her email is [email protected]
Cropping may still have to take place - by submitting your images you allow us to crop your images if we need to (for Instagram for example).
This includes but is not limited to posting your images/content on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, etc. You will be given credit in the form of a Facebook/Instagram tag and/or a link to your website when applicable. Your images will never be sold and you keep your copyright for the images.