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How to Save Money Online Shopping

Money Saving Tips for online Shopping!

Okay brides (and grooms), I’ve got a few tips for saving money on your wedding shopping. First, I’d like to say that as a vendor and bride myself, I have firsthand seen people suggest to lie to your vendors about the type of event your having. I want to be clear that this doesn’t usually work in your favor (I will have another post about this coming up) so please do not lie to your vendors to try to save a few bucks. We all know this is one of the most important and expensive days of your lives so you want to do it to the best of your ability while not spending so much that you could buy a new car.

  1. Ebates. I honestly thought that Ebates was a scam but after doing research and signing up, I have earned more than $35 and my partner (who has his own account) has more than $20. It’s free and simple to use. They give you CASH BACK on purchases that you’re already making online. Some of my favorite stores that they work with are Aliexpress, Shutterfly (if you haven’t used Shutterfly before you can even get a free 8×8 book which would be perfect to show off your engagement photos), Macy’s, Amazon, Clinique, and many more! I have downloaded the plug in for my browser which makes it so much easier to us.
  2. Aliexpress! Honestly, I should do a whole blog about the things I have gotten from Aliexpess because so much of my wedding (and household items) have been purchased off them. I have never had any issues with the quality of things I have received (some even custom made). However, be prepared that shipping does take a while. My fiancé likes to say, “They make you wait until you forget about it so when you do get it in the mail you’re wondering what it is!”
  3. The Amazon credit card (especially great for Prime members but beneficial either way). This credit card is completely free, has no international fees, and gives you 5% back on all Prime purchases plus 5% back at wholefoods. They also give 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores. 1% back on everything else. I personally have and use this card and have earned hundreds of dollars back on Amazon purchases. Amazon Prime is also great for those that want to purchase things last minute!
  4. Alibaba. This platform was a bit daunting to me in the beginning because it is more of wholesale type company. We purchased two hundred custom designed (by me) favors for our guests (keeping it a secret as of now but trust me, they’re incredible). Each item came out to less than US$2.50 each (to give you some perspective, if I were to buy these at another store – not customized – they would have been around US$8-15 each).
  5. Etsy. Etsy is great for handmade gifts, clothes, and especially, signage for your wedding. I will have another blog on all of the Etsy recommendations I have! I found printable signs for less than $1!
  6. MarryMe (which also has Ebates discounts) is a great site that was recommended to a group that I am in on Facebook. They have really inexpensive wedding related decorations and essentials!

I hope this helps you to save a bit of money in your wedding planning process! If you have any other suggestions for myself or other brides, please comment below!

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