My Bridal Shower

I have been helping brides to plan their bridal showers – giving suggestions, helping them to look for what they need to create their bridal shower, creating templates for brides, and browsing through Pinterest non-stop. Then, it was time for me to have mine! And just like any good mom and maid of honor would do, they said I wasn’t allowed to help (for my own good)! I gave them some suggestions and a couple of things that I really wanted (like these super cute napkins that we got on Amazon) but other than that it was ALL them!! They pulled off a Pinterest-worthy day for me and I couldn’t have been more thrilled! If you want to see where we got things from, look for the images with the captions which tell you which items are linked to those images. Click the image to take you to that product.

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Mimosa Bar Package

My favorite parts about the bridal shower included getting to see so many important women in my life, the mimosa bar, wearing a beautiful princess gown, the donut and treats table, the decor, the games, and the adorable video my mom recorded with Robbie (my now husband). So, pretty much everything was my favorite parts. I am so thankful that so many people could attend just days before our wedding! We had a blast playing the toilet paper wedding dress game which my sister in law ended up winning (although it was a hard decision because everyone’s dresses actually looked good)! 

I had a few special vendors help me make this day just that much more special. Wedding Apparel NZ gifted me this adorable “Future Mrs. Burke” cake topper!

Cake topper

On the bridal shower day, everyone was ooo-ing and aww-ing when I walked down the stairs. Throughout the day people kept telling me I looked like a princess. And honestly, I felt like a princess!! I actually did my hair and makeup trial with Peretti Hill Glam Squad in the morning before my bridal shower. It was so much fun getting all dolled up and a great way to see what I liked and wanted to change about my hair and makeup before our wedding day (which was only a few days later). I highly recommend doing your trial on a day when you can actually take advantage of professional hair and makeup. And, if you’re in the San Diego area, I highly recommend contacting Peretti Hill about getting your hair and makeup done by them!

You’re probably wondering where I got my GORGEOUS dress from! Picking out my dress was just as much fun as it was wearing on the day. I literally spent hours at Occasions with Tracey in Whakatane trying on and picking out this dress. Tracey was a blast to hang out with and her shop was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! If you live in New Zealand and you’re looking for a dress to wear to any special occasion, I highly recommend checking out Tracey’s store! 10/10 would recommend.

If you’re wondering where we (mostly my mom) got all the cute decor, look for images with captions throughout the blog. That shows what product is linked from that image! This is pretty much the ultimate #CreateThisLook (if you don’t know what I am talking about, join our shopping group on Facebook and follow me on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean – it’s a whole lot of fun)!

Lace table runner
Gold plasticware
Pop the champagne napkins
Plastic champagne flutes

What did you for your bridal shower? Let me know in the comments of this post on Facebook or join our group and post some images! We can’t wait to see!

Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

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