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Have you ever seen an idea and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “I wish I knew about that before,” (in my case, when I was planning our wedding)! A few weeks ago I found Party Games Box Company which is a New Zealand based “games in a box” company that delivers directly to your door – little boxes of awesome that are filled with party games for hens parties, baby showers or kids birthday parties. Each box can be tailored to the number of guests, and contains a variety of ready-to-play games/activities, instructions cards and prizes for each game plus everything you will need to play them, to take with you wherever your party is. Currently they have four different hens party games boxes along with a whole selection of other themed party boxes. I received a box so I could join in on the fun too and see what it was all about!  Take a look below at the box I received! 

What I love about Party Games Box is that it literally includes everything you need. I got one to try out for myself (pictured throughout the blog) and was shocked at how perfectly it was not only assembled in terms of organisation but also how they thought about everything (prizes for winners, instructions, and, of course, everything you need for several games). For reference, I got the “Wild, But Styled” hens do game box. I was a little worried that everything in the box would be really “out there” or raunchy but was pleasantly surprised to see a great mix of activities and prizes!

The owner of Party Games Box, Juliet, also owns The Party Box Company Ltd – boxes of awesome. They create and deliver themed kids party boxes anywhere in New Zealand! They have been operating for three years and have over forty themed boxes on their website but they also custom make each party box to the theme and number of guests for any party! Juliet says, “We aren’t limited to kids parties either – we’ve done adult birthday parties, hens parties, baby showers too!”

When I asked Juliet what her favorite part about owning Party Games Box, she said, “I think the games in these boxes are awesome – a mixture of old school, some a little bit naughty (for those adventurous hens parties), and of course boxes that would be suitable for the mothers and mother-in-laws who may be attending hens parties too! I love that we have tailored the games to the type of party that brides and maid-of-honors are hosting. I also LOVE hearing from clients what the best part of their party games box was!”

Party Games Box, as we know, is the only New Zealand based company that offers a one stop shop for all your hens do needs. They take all the stress out of organising a hens party by providing the games (and everything you need to complete them) as well as all the decor that you need (provided by their sister company The Party Box Company). Decorations and entertainment all in one box! It really doesn’t get much easier than that!

In the future you can look forward to new kids games boxes – dinosaur and spy coming soon! They also will be doing a games / decoration box combo for hens party and baby showers. 

You can find Party Games Box online at, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram.

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