Nurses Make This Bride’s Dreams Come True

Rebecca Wheatley, a bride in Delaware, shared her wedding day images with a group of brides last week. This wasn’t just any wedding though. The amazing nurses at her grandmother’s ICU hospital pulled off an incredible pop-up wedding so that her grandmother could see her get married. Rebecca says she is so thankful that she wants to “make these nurses famous for their act of kindness.”

Her husband and she were planning a wedding for 2020. Only 19 days after they got engaged, she found her grandmother’s cancer had returned. Rebecca says, “We thought [she] had been cancer free for a year and a half!” They were now learning that the cancer was quickly spreading across her entire body – almost every bone and even in her brain. She says, “I NEEDED my grandmother at my wedding. She’s one of my best friends! So, we changed our date.”

Rebecca and her partner, Zachary, moved their wedding date to only be six months away. Throughout the wedding planning process, they made sure to continuously and carefully plan every detail around Rebecca’s grandmother’s health. Rebecca says, “We spent six months counting every second.” Two days before their wedding, her grandmother was rushed back into ICU. Her health was unfortunately declining rapidly. “My mother and I were crushed because we had done EVERYTHING to make sure she could be there.”

They had their ceremony at their venue like planned but instead they had grandma watching on Facetime. As soon as they walked down the aisle as man and wife, they got into cars with their wedding party and headed directly to the hospital. She had no idea they would be surprising her! The nurses had helped Rebecca plan another ceremony and mini-reception in a special room at the hospital. The nurses decorated the hall, got them a cake, and gave them flowers. Rebecca says, “I will forever be in debt to them for the love they showed us that day!”

Thank you Rebecca for allowing me to share your gorgeous story. It is so inspirational! We are so happy your grandmother got to be such a big part of your special day. Thank you to the nurses at PRMC for helping Rebecca and her family during this time. You have truly brightened so many people’s lives because of your kindness!

Amazing images captured by Samantha Anne Photography

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