Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

You’re looking for your vendors now! How exciting! But you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “I have never done this before. What should I ask? What should I look for?” Those are great questions to start with. Of course, your list of questions will depend on the vendor but here are some general questions you’ll want to ask all of them!

  1. Do you have / require insurance? Your venue may require your vendors (or even yourself) to have insurance. Always make sure that you ask this upfront so that you don’t get your heart set on someone who you cannot end up hiring.
  2. What do your services include? For example, does your florist include installation for gazebo/decorative pieces? Does your cake baker include delivery to your venue? Does your venue include linens, chairs, etc?
  3. What is your deposit and when does final payment need to be made by?
  4. If we pay in full ahead of time, can we receive a discount?
  5. Is this your full time job? How long have you been a ______? You may want to ask them this to get an idea for how experienced they are.
  6. If you haven’t already, ask for their portfolio and social media accounts to get an idea of the work that they produce. Ask yourself: is their work consistent?
  7. What happens if I need you stay an extra hour because the day has run longer than we thought? How much extra is it per hour?
  8. Are taxes included? What about gratuity? Is any amount of gratuity required?
  9. What is your backup plan if you cannot make it?
  10. What is your cancellation policy?
  11. Do you have a contract that we sign upon our deposit? This is to protect all the parties involved and is extremely important!!

For specific questions to ask certain vendors click below:

Printable and editable lists for all vendors

What to ask your venue

I hope this helped you to figure out some questions to ask your vendors. If you’re still stuck, look out for more blog posts coming soon and don’t forget to check out my new ‘questions to ask your wedding vendor’ lists!

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