Top Honeymoon Destinations For 2020

Choosing a honeymoon destination is difficult! There are so many amazing options around the world. Whether you’re looking to relax on a tropical island, backpack through a foreign country, or stay close to home, we want to help! I ran a poll in a wedding group about the top honeymoon locations and here’s what the consensus was! You can look out for separate blog posts about each of these places (I will edit this blog later to add the links)! No matter where you’re going, I highly recommending looking into Get Your Guide! If you haven’t heard about them already, check out our honeymoon blog where I explain how we used them to help us find activities! 

  1. Hawaii (you can check out our personal experience honeymooning in Hawaii here) – A perfect destination for those that don’t want to or can’t leave the US but still want a tropical honeymoon! 

2. New Zealand – This is actually really cool that this is such a popular destination for honeymooners because I actually live in New Zealand! If you’re willing to travel the distance, it’s 100% worth it. If you like nature, natural hot springs, and wine, New Zealand is the honeymoon destination for you!

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3. Paris – Definitely a classic! A romantic, must-see city in Europe which is perfect for those that love French culture!

4. Las Vegas – If you’ve never, it’s somewhere you have to see in your lifetime. If you like live shows, all you can eat buffets, and dancing the night away, Vegas is the place for you!

5. Bahamas – Beautiful blue waters, all-inclusive resorts, and island life! If relaxation and beach life sounds like how you want to spend your honeymoon, the Bahamas are a great place! I can’t wait to go more into what they have to offer and what you can expect.

6. Key West – If you’re a US resident and don’t want to or can’t leave the US for your honeymoon but you still want that tropical island feel, Key West is a great choice for your honeymoon! Situated off of Florida, it’s the perfect US destination for those looking for a shorter stay or closer destination!

7. Ireland – I can’t wait to write about Ireland! I went to Ireland just before I met my husband and it’s still one of my favorite places in the world! If you’re looking for adventure, greenery, and culture in a place where you don’t need to learn another language and you’ll meet some of the most genuine people in the world, Ireland is the place for you!

Numbers 8+ were all tied! Some other popular honeymoon destinations included Thailand, Aruba, Mexico, Montego Bay (Jamaica), Greece, and Hong Kong!

Some of the links below are commissioned or referral links. It doesn’t cost you anything to use them (you can actually save by using them)!

 A personal note: When I traveled Europe, before I met my husband, I used Booking.com to find pretty much every place I ever stayed at! This was before Airbnb. I loved that I could earn free nights, see reviews, etc. There are so many options for places to stay so depending on what you’re going for and where you’re staying, both Airbnb and Booking are great options! You can even use the links provided to receive money off your first stay!

Are you honeymooning somewhere else and want to know what to do, what to see, and where to stay? Where should I blog about next? Let me know in the comments/form below or on my Facebook page! If you’ve already planned your honeymoon, we’d love to hear about it! You could even be featured on our blog! Just fill out this form with information, tips, tricks, do’s, and don’ts! 

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