Vegas or Bust!

Last week I came across this beautiful photoshoot of Kim and her husband, David, by photographer Tiffany (with Jekalo Photography)! When I asked Tiffany what the shoot was all about, she said, “In the middle of the Nevada desert, this couple boogied and grooved to Earth Wind and Fire. They danced, they made out! We lit some sparklers and set off some smoke bombs until the sun tucked itself behind the red rock canyons, then we went to downtown Vegas and shut down Fremont Street!!” How fun does that sound? I felt like this was perfect timing after I had just published a blog about why photoshoots are important even if you’re already married. You can read about our San Diego photoshoot here.

Kim and David met in Yosemite National Park, while they were both working at the Ahwahnee hotel several years ago. Kim says, “We met at work, and saw each other everyday there, then one day he was in the employee housing area I lived in with a mutual friend of our’s.” She said she was playing her guitar and singing on her porch but David couldn’t see her. He asked his friend where the music was coming from and he said, “That’s Kim from work!” Kim says, “David couldn’t believe it was me because I was super quiet at work and would just sit alone and read on my lunch breaks. But there I was singing Bobby McGee at the top of my lungs in a pair of Daisy Dukes.”

“We were totally stupid for each other from the start, and spent a whole summer hiking around, rafting down the river, and such.”

Kim had already been living there for a year and didn’t want to spend another winter there so she told him that she was leaving and invite him to join her!

“And the rest is history!”

They now have two beautiful daughters and love to travel! They even call themselves, “Little nomads!”

I love that they made the time for a photoshoot like this. The shoot looks like a dream date night. Dinner in the desert and dancing in the city! You can tell how in love these two truly are. 

Tiffany described this photoshoot as “groovy” and wouldn’t have been able to pull off this incredible team effort without all of the other wonderful vendors who participated! They had a florist, HMUA, sparklers, smoke bombs, rentals, table decor, signage, and so much more! To see all of the vendors who participated and to follow them on Instagram, check out the list below!

Photographer: Tiffany Fleming JEKALO PHOTOGRAPHY www.jekalophotography.com @jekalophotography 

Concept Creator + Host: THE COUNTERFEIT WEDDING www.facebook.com/thecounterfeitwedding  @thecounterfeitwedding 

Videographer: ALAN FLEMING www.instagram.com/alan_marshall_videography @alan_marshall_videography 

Bride: KIM PAZ @allgoodinthemotherhood

Groom: DAVID PAZ @mrdpaz

Boho White Dress: @chicbohodress_official

Tux: @friartux  

Florist: NICOLE KESSELL http://averidesigns.showit.site/



Signage: LEXI SMITH www.facebook.com/letteredbyluth @letteredbyluth 

Hair: MEG DELA CRUZ www.megdelacruzhair.com @megdelacruz

Makeup: ALEXIS @lexxi_geeemakeup 

Tambourine: COFFEE & CALLIGRAPHY @coffee_calligraphy 

Invite Suite: MOLLY  



Sparklers + Smoke Bombs: Sam 



Macrame: Jess OX AND NAG 



Rentals: BLOOMINGBELLE RENTALS @bloomingbellesrentals 

Candles: @lucidcandle

Decor: @target 

Table Settings: @worldmarket

Embroidery: @sarahevellomacrame

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Mary Taylor <3

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