Venue Picking

Hello fiancées and fiancés (did you know there is actually a difference? I just realized this a few days ago!),

Welcome back to my blog if you’ve already read a few of my posts but if not welcome for the first time! I am Mary.

Let’s talk about venues! Maybe you already have your heart set on a particular venue or have no idea of where to begin but because my readers are from all around the world, I can’t give you specific suggestions on locations. However, I can tell you some things to look out for and questions to ask.

I want what I write to be easy to remember and easy to save if you need to so I am just going to write out a list for you!

  1. Can they hold your ceremony AND reception there? If so, are they willing to just host one (in case you want two different locations)?
  2. Is it close to possible accommodations for guests/yourselves for before/after the wedding?
  3. How many guests can this venue hold? Is there a minimum number of guests?
  4. Does the venue include food, bar packages, getting ready rooms, any decorations, set up/clean up, linens, tables, chairs, dance floor, or anything else you should know about? What are the additional costs?
  5. Is there a minimum pricing?
  6. Is pricing per person? Are there any additional fees that would be added (taxes, tips/gratuity, credit card processing fees, etc)?
  7. Is it or can be BYO for alcohol? For food?
  8. What insurance is needed for outside vendors (photographers, videographers, DJ, florist, wedding coordinator, etc)?
  9. Are use of candles permitted?
  10. Do they have any signage that you can use free of charge?
  11. Can guests leave their cars there overnight without fees or towing in case they need to?
  12. Is a wedding coordinator required? If so, does it have to be someone who works for the venue?
  13. What is the deposit and how does the payment plan work?
  14. What happens if you have to cancel?
  15. What happens if they cancel?
  16. Do they have a wet weather plan?
  17. Will you get the entire venue for the day?
  18. How long does the “rental” last? (This is extra important if the venue isn’t doing the set up and clean up)
  19. Do they have a recommended vendor list? Do you have to hire vendors solely off that list? If you choose to use someone from this list, will it contribute to your overall minimum purchase/price requirement?
  20. Is the use of confetti and/sparklers allowed?

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. Does the venue have beautiful places where you can get your pictures taken?
  2. What will the venue look like at the time of your ceremony (lighting wise)?

Sign up / sign in and comment below if you have any other suggestions for future brides and grooms! What else should they be asking?

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