Wedding Day Nightmare!!

It was a few hours before my wedding and it started to pour! Like streets flooded type of pour. We were having our wedding at a large school with different halls. The room that I originally thought we would be in (what was pictured on their website for events and weddings), was not actually the room they put us in to start decorating. We had invited 85 people to attend our wedding. The room they expected us to have our wedding was a plain, small room with white walls and a low ceiling. Imagine your standard classroom I suppose. It looked like it could barely fit 25 people. Because I had planned my wedding from overseas, this was my first chance at the venue. Kids and people were running everywhere as school had just gotten out.

I went in search of the building that I had seen on the website. It had tall ceilings, exposed wood, and a few other rooms attached. There were long steps leading up to the building. When I finally found it, I went in to ask why we were put in such a small (and different) room. My mom interrupted, “Mary! Don’t even ask. They’re going to charge you more! Just stay with the room we have now.” They said they hadn’t reserved us the space we saw online but would allow us to use it for less time as we originally planned and for $300 extra dollars. I agreed to the extra charge because the other room was just too small!

As people were helping to set up, I noticed that the tables were long and rectangular – very opposite of what I had originally wanted and was told I would get (round tables). The decorations were horrible. The burlap tablecloths didn’t even cover to the edge of table and looked ridiculous being so small. My cousin was walking around sprinkling fake red and white rose petals on the tables. There were a few small round tables that could only fit two people. Nothing looked like I had planned. Then, I noticed someone helping who was not invited to the wedding. She was telling my friends how she and her friend (we will call her Daisy) were attending the wedding. I barged into the conversation saying, “No. You’re not invited. You and Daisy were never invited and you can’t come!” Suddenly I remembered I had never finished the officiant’s speech or my vows. I frantically ran to the previous room we were setting up in and started writing.

Fast forward and we are saying our goodbyes to everyone. We had a fun night dancing, drinking, and sharing stories. That’s when I remembered that we had changed our wedding date and never informed our photographers or videographers so we didn’t have a single professional image from the entire day.

Then, I woke up! Thank goodness it was truly a nightmare. Now, I am going to make sure I finish our officiant speech and vows today.

I’ve heard that tons of brides have nightmares before their wedding day. Things going wrong, other people showing up, no one showing up, your dress doesn’t fit, and so much more! Have you had any nightmares about your wedding day? If so, what happened?! Comment below or go to our Facebook page and comment there.


Signing off,

Mary Taylor <3

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